Tuesday, February 15, 2011

love is in the air!

just a quick pixlog on Michael's VALENTINE'S DAY MARRIAGE PROPOSAL to Melyssa.

the setting.

100ballons, hundreds of candles, fire fountain, kl night backdrop and 'nothing's gonna change my love for you' playing in the background.

the groom on his knees and the touched bride crying.
the sight of it just melts my heart. i bet the other girls also teared a lil.

honestly i would never have imagined Gsix fire fountain, where people usually pass out drunk and vomit their guts out at, be transformed into such a romantic setting.

'would you marry me?'

how more romantic does it get? everybody say awwwwhhhh~


CONGRATULATIONS MELYSSA and may god bless your marriage and life =)

the gorgeous bride to be, and me, the jealous helpless romantic.

now seriously if ever someone were to propose to me, this is the kind of proposal i want =)

dont worry mr valentine bear, the day will come.
goodnite all and happy valentine's day. <3>

Thursday, February 3, 2011


excuse the lack of updates.

nothing much. most of the days i just stay home. munch cookies. overdose mandarin oranges. make dinners. watch tv. online. got desktop's hard disk burnt. sleep.

go out for pathetic shopping. toy poodle hunt. doing chores. drink. eat again. and get fat. which i would later cry over and spend the next three months TRYING to lose it.

had reunion dinner yesterday. just 5 of us. a simple steamboat at home. glad that although things are still rough, at least we had our last dinner of the year together.
dont know when will be the next.

went out for firecrackers around midnight. neighbour's dog was scared to shit. literally. on me while i was carrying it. FML.

been up whole night. cant sleep. sometimes i pass out for half a day on the bed, other times i just cant even get myself to fall asleep.

going to grandma's in three hours time. which you would not look forward to when you have mean aunties who go on and on about how fat you are, how ugly you are, how stupid you are.

okay fine. im not much of a chinese new year person. in fact this year, there is no spirit whatsoever at all. but still, happy chinese new year all.

get fat. get rich. and be happy =)

leave you with my current song obsession.

Monday, January 24, 2011


sorry for the long hiatus. i just had to blog right now while my emotions are still raw about the video of an idiotic bastard abusing a little poodle which sparked much outrage on facebook.

watch it HERE

viewers discretion advised. violence and inhumane abuse involved.

TO: all ignorant future dog owners, irresponsible dog owners, dog lovers, dog haters, and everybody who has or does not have a heart.


why the hell is he getting angry because the dog cannot stand straight? of course it cant. thats why they were born with four legs instead of two you idiot. showdogs can because they are well trained professionally and even so, not long periods of unnatural standing. if you cannot train your dog yourself, dont. this is why they have obedience schools and professional dog trainers.


idiots just dont get it. we all get angry and frustrated especially when the dog doesnt behave. learn how to train your dog properly and talk to him. it helps, really! go get a real punching bag to release your rage. or try boxing yourself that way in your balls. maybe that'll help. c'mon, its just a little dog. who is also trying VERY VERY HARD to please his owner.


does it make you a bigger man by punching a small dog repetitively, hearing it squeal begging for its life and throwing it onto the wall across the room? having ugly disoriented cheap tattoos and golden streaks in your hair doesnt either. why dont you be a real man and pick someone your size. or try doing that to an adult doberman or golden retriever and not be bitten to death.


this video makes me so upset and angry all over again about why losers would get dogs in the first place if they cant even fucking take care of themselves. by watching the video alone, you'll conclude that he is a 'chao ah beng' living in a smelly rented room, sleeps on cheap mattress on the cardboard floor, unorganized and has crap all over the room.


you cannot even afford to buy yourself a cupboard or a proper bed and still live in a dumpster. what makes you think you can afford a dog? its not just about the initial thousand dollars to buy the puppy. its a continuous outflow stream of hundreds per month depending on how much you can afford. oh wait. you cant.


a lot of owners dont get it. one of the reasons why toytoy love is still a virgin boy is because i am trying to play my part as a responsible dog owner. most owners and breeders only want to make money out of their dogs by selling puppies regardless of whether it gets a proper home or not. this is the mother of all evils and the reason for strays and abuse. unless you are sure that puppies will be cared for by loving people, dont breed them and let them stray or be sold to irresponsible owners.


it is almost like having a child. make conscious decisions weighing all pros and cons before actually doing it. i did not have such a privilege to think it over because toytoy love was a gift. but i never regretted having and keeping him even against the odds. but then, please dont present puppies as gifts. buy a wii set, an iphone or a bag instead. puppies should not be gifts without proper discussion, thought and full commitment.


they require constant care, hardwork and love, not to mention a lot of money. if you want a cutie pie who never poops, barks, or jumps on you, get a soft toy instead. they will be dogs. they will make mistakes. it doesnt give you the right to abuse it or give him away.


once you have a dog, giving it away should not be an option. until and unless, you are desperate and have tried ALL means, being forced to the brim, and SURE that it'll have a better home who can make it happy, DONT. if you are only going to keep the dog for your selfish reasons and subject it to abuse and neglect, you should burn in hell. together with that asshole.


fuhhh. i feel so much better now. i know toytoy love will be proud of mummy also. he's at the pet hotel right now, very much loved and pampered because groomers there adore him as much as i do. and i miss him like mad.

end this saddening post of rants with happy pictures of toytoy. i hope the little poodle's suffering will end soon. please kill the asshole if you happen to see him. dogs are not punching bags.

dogs are our best friend =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


cherry dress for dimsum lunch.
sleepless nights are so evident on my face, even a cake of foundation and concealer cannot hide =( massive eyebags and bad tired skin. sigh.

French Onion soup at Fridays. again excuse the tired face.

i've been eating SO MUCH lately. going through my usual phrase of yoyo dieting.

overeating - guilt and regret-
extreme dieting- disappointment and temptation-
depression and sleeplessness-
back to overeating again


Ikea Meatballs, Banana muffin, Ham&Cheese sandwich.
i seriously that Ikea's meatballs quality have deteriorated terribly. i used to be crazy over it. now its dry disgusting and bleh.

Ikea Salmon, Chicken Leg

Kiku Zakura udon
overpriced. salty. and disgusting.

Fridays' Mac n Cheese
Fridays' Sirloin Steak and Salmon linguine

Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolatebanana

Orange Almond cake@ Alexis

Alexis pumpkin Ravioli and passionfruit tea.

now you know that it takes THREE MONTHS to actually lose SOME weight
but only THREE DAYS to gain it all back, AND MORE.

last picture of me shamelessly nom-ing on caramel popcorn
oh i watched The Tourist. very much reminded me of Angelina's other movie, Salt.
mafia- villain/ undercover agent- action movie- twisted storyline

abrupt end. i have no motivation to blog anymore.
gonna lie on the couch munch chocolates and sulk.

fucking insomnia ate my soul.

Monday, January 17, 2011

confessions of a shopaholic

weekend shopping got a lil out of hand.

keep me away from malls until i actually wear everything in my closet.

but.. but..these are not even for cny fml =(

yes you read it right. tshirt on the right says i <3 my boyfriend LOL!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

too bad. your life sucks

just came back from a really spontaneous friday night out for live band and red wine at GSF.

my life is becoming so mundane lately that i just HAD to go out for drinks before i rot and grow mushrooms at home pffftt.

life is so fucked up at the moment because this whole insomnia thing and mood swings are killing me slowly.


on a random note, i find it quite amusing when people post about their imaginary outings.

why would you tweet or update fb saying that you're out shopping or clubbing when you are really at home rolling in bed bored out of your mind and wishing you really were having a great day/night out?

geez. are you that desperate? pathetic much

i dont know if i should feel sorry for them that their life sucks so bad that they had to make up imaginary outings and events, or should i be mean and rub salt to their wound by popping their lil bubble and embarrassing them?

seriously, get a life. pretending you have one doesnt count.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


just a quickie cause aircon is dripping water wtf pissing me off and i've got 10 pages company law assignment which is due tomorrow AND i've not even started fml. leave you with my current song obsession.

this song is da bomb. strong techno beats with amazing chorus. the kind of song you would wanna drink and get high to, switch off the lights, blast the music on your speakers max and fuck...uhm...i meant, DANCE like there was no tomorrow. =)