Thursday, February 3, 2011


excuse the lack of updates.

nothing much. most of the days i just stay home. munch cookies. overdose mandarin oranges. make dinners. watch tv. online. got desktop's hard disk burnt. sleep.

go out for pathetic shopping. toy poodle hunt. doing chores. drink. eat again. and get fat. which i would later cry over and spend the next three months TRYING to lose it.

had reunion dinner yesterday. just 5 of us. a simple steamboat at home. glad that although things are still rough, at least we had our last dinner of the year together.
dont know when will be the next.

went out for firecrackers around midnight. neighbour's dog was scared to shit. literally. on me while i was carrying it. FML.

been up whole night. cant sleep. sometimes i pass out for half a day on the bed, other times i just cant even get myself to fall asleep.

going to grandma's in three hours time. which you would not look forward to when you have mean aunties who go on and on about how fat you are, how ugly you are, how stupid you are.

okay fine. im not much of a chinese new year person. in fact this year, there is no spirit whatsoever at all. but still, happy chinese new year all.

get fat. get rich. and be happy =)

leave you with my current song obsession.

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nazurah said...

hey i justwanna ask, when you did the photoshoot, whtpackge did you use? the ala cartor the package deal eh? yr pics so nicee