Monday, November 5, 2007

we're friends.. aren't we?

i went out with him just now
it felt so awkward
i hadn't seen him for some time
i had been really really really cold to him
but i'm just so suprised when he asked the question again for the
thousand and one time
"can you give me a chance?"
my heart fell apart
i know part of me still misses him
but i gathered myself to tell him it's over
it will never work out
honestly, i'm happy being single
and not having to commit in relationships
but why did i cry?
it's weird i know
i can't even determine how i really feel
it just feels so odd...
for now
i guess it's just best for us to be friends
it's best for me and you
i'm sorry
i'm making decisions that is hurting both you and me

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