Sunday, October 12, 2008

was supposed to go to barcelona last night with adam and his friends
he and a friend picked me up around 10pm
headed to westin hotel
met up with other friends for dinner at a latin bar there
the food was good
the music and live band was good
latin dancers on the dance floor were awesome
liqour was good
the thing was that i am not used to the environment
latin and salsa??
dont think i'm at the age to appreciate it yet
got darn freakin bored
and adam was ignoring me, chatting up some blondes =.=''
his friends instead were too talkative
bragging a little to much
and giving a little too much attention to me
i was rolling my eyes every now and then =.='''
they were seriously too pushy
and it is the first time i got scared of meeting new people
those people are scary!!
especially adam's loud and over-friendly american friend
i kept texting while drinking
those freaks were seriously trying to get me drunk =.=''
at midnight, i have had enough
and i guess my boredom seriously showed
i texted richard and lucky for me
he was really nice to drive all the way from subang to kl
just to pick me up =)
luckily he reached just in time
as adam's friends wanted to change venue
and head to ruums
seriously dont think latin bars are my thing
i seriously freaking hate people who brag
ohyea, and adam's friend was offended when i told him i'm leaving already
he was tipsy and nasty
made a few sarcastic statements and trying to make me feel bad
whatever. not like i care.

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