Friday, June 5, 2009


i am so annoyed with people who dont answer calls or reply messages. urgh. come on. what's the phone for if people can't contact you for important urgent stuff. urgh. frustrating.

anyway, i decided to post some pictures taken about 2months ago of my darling sweetheart. because i miss him soooo much. and i haven't seen him for a month now =(

doesn't he look absolutely adorable here? awwwww...

the darling face i see on my phone wallpaper everyday =)

he was annoyed that i tied his hair and kept taking pictures of him

him and his ego. lol. he's my little prince though.

the love of my life.
and i'll be back in kl for the weekends. to shop for furniture and kitchen stuff for my new place in pj. this reminds me that i lost the front gate key. urgh. will have to climb through the fence to get into the house. thank god for auto gates.
get my akon concert tickets and of course to shop! but i decided that i would not drop by to see him. as much as i miss him, absence makes the heart fonder. and if he decides to forget me, then i guess our bond isnt as strong as i thought. i am trying to detach myself. women want to feel wanted and appreciated. i do too.
anyways, i'll be off to china for family vacation after that. hopefully this getaway allow me to let go and relax. things would be much better when i return after a week. i hope. pray that i wont catch a cold and risk being quarantined over there =.='' *cross fingers*
i seriously have to start packing. will need to drive to kl early in the morning. urgh. dont even know if i'll be able to wake up. *rolls eyes*

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