Friday, September 25, 2009

puppy monster!

mad cute, no?

it's been a whole week since we've been apart. cant wait to hug his furry body tomorrow! =)

see his puppy face and those awfully cute puppy eyes? he's actually eyeing what i was eating. whenever i eat anything at all, he would sit quietly right next to me with those puppy eyes while drooling till his saliva drips on the floor.

mad cute, no?
dont you just wanna take him home? =)

heh. his puppy face again =) i just cant help but fall deeper in love with him everytime he does that =) dont grow up can ah puppy monster?

heh. he's very protective of mummy also =) look at his eyes and u'll see.

see how much he wants mummy to himself? awww...
cute like mad =) and did i mention that he's 9months and one week old already? ah how fast time flies.
mummy's coming home tomorrow darlin... weeee...

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