Friday, October 16, 2009

girls' night out

the overcrowded Barcelona again

candid pic of sexayy esther =)

our table. and i so hate young clubbing boys. seriously. i make no effort to entertain any because most of them are so fuckin cheap!! i mean, how cheaper can u get if u approach a girls' table and u drink from their bottle? it's cool if u feel its unnecessary to buy them drinks since they already have a bottle, but you dont come over and drink from their bottle, uninvited. just because they are polite enough to entertain you, doesnt give u the right to drink from their bottle.
urgh. cheapskates disgust me to no end. no money, dont club. so simple. urgh.

our bottle of 42below vodka (worth rm368)

and the best part was that its FREE =)
even the unlimited flow of ribena and soda mixers =)))
courtesy of Bar celona's management for every group of five sexy ladies.
we were shaken a bit because two of esther's friends were declined at the door for being underaged. thus there were only four of us. a few people came up to us asking if they could 'borrow' few of us to redeem bottles, so we came up with the idea of 'borrow'-ing a girl from a nearby table before it got too late. lucky thing she hasnt been approached by the other 'borrowers' T____T
and when we claimed our bottle, apparently it was the last free bottle given away that night. and it was only 10.30pm!!!

the not so good part of the night was that i scratched my car very very very badly onto one of the carpark walls while cornering a really sharp bend. =/ now my car has deep white scratches all across the left side of its body. ='(

but i still got home safely to him waiting. =)
and he even cooked supper for me knowing my supper cravings after heavy drinking (everybody say awwww....XD )

p/s: cant wait to see the singaporeans later in the noon and party with fellow law students tonight =)
pps: happy birthday to cs and tingyi!!! cant believe it's been 2years. still feels like yesterday.

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