Monday, October 19, 2009

warning***massive load of pics

had a disappointing saturday night where we planned to join some friends at mandarin oriental for a lil partying and twist of plans made us end up at Scarlet, again. anyways, lesson learnt is that 'always confirm with others and not leave other people hanging', and because we didnt, there is no one to blame when plans go wrong. ah well, what goes around comes around. karma.

sunday noon was spent open-house hopping with fellow coursemates. i was out for at least 8hours, of which, 1 hour was spent waiting, 3 hours spent visiting, and the remaining 4hours driving.

all the way from my place somewhere near subang terminal, to uni in pj, all the way to semenyih, and then to bkt jelutong in shah alam and then back to uni, and then all the way back home again.

i was so frustrated with driving cause i missed many turnings no thanks to the not-so-accurate gps which sometimes is kinda confusing. especially when there are two exits, one just behind the other, it is hard to tell which one you're supposed to enter. ah. gps users would know.

and there was a point where i had to reverse my car some 500meters on the highway because i missed an exit. even causing a car to emergency brake right behind me and several others slamming on their honks. at that point, i nearby broke down from the frustration. thank god no one crashed into my car. half a tank of petrol and half a day wasted, i learnt my lesson the hard way.

anyway, i finally have the pics from

friday night at poppy gardens =)

dont you just love the lights? =)







mua looking completely stoned. heh.




happy party people =)

neo-mua-ketua-ex roomie weiyin





hyped people =)

sexy ladies (jun-weiyin-neo)


birthday boy louis and i

so much LOVE in da house =)

the girls


hah. sampat people.

happy happy people


neo and i

on the podium

us above all. i fuckin hate being squashed on dancefloors.

the two birthay babies =)


spot me spot me. =)



neo-dj andrew-will

shan and i

the sexy ladies =)

happy birthday again darlin =)

birthday boy thrown into the pool =)

me being drenched from being literally dragged, carried and thrown into the pool T_____T
i had wet hair, smeared make up, wet dress, wet underwear, and wet shoes, and no extra clothes
nevertheless, it was an awesome night out


happy party people in the pool

p/s: shhh.. dont tell people we're all law students in the best law school in malaysia. =)

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