Saturday, November 14, 2009

just a quickie

its been two weeks since i blogged. i really didnt know that people actually took time to read my blog until the last post. =) just been extremely lazy and lack of enthusiasism to blog.except for a bit of socializing here and there, life has been pretty much monotonous lately.

and i enjoyed the stay at Eastin hotel PJ with him and some friends last night.
its been soooo long since the last time i enjoy hotel facilities. its always nice to enjoy an empty swimming pool, no one walking around, nobody hogging the benches, no one splashing or swimming, no kids screaming. JUST US. it was like having our own private pool for the few hours we were there =) sadly their jacuzzi jet pumps were pretty much disappointing. and of course, enjoy super clean nice smelling white sheets and fluffy pillows, soft towels and bathtubs, room service and everything the hotel has to offer =)

oh, and i'll be off to penang for a couple of nights right after environmental law exam on wednesday
cant wait to spend my 19th by the beach, with HIM. people say that 19th birthdays should be spent shut out from the world, and i guess that's exactly what i'll be doing. till then, cheers.

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