Thursday, August 26, 2010

lunch =)

gah. i must applaud myself for my patience first. took me almost 3 hours just to upload the photos cause broadband is being gay. sigh. so you must stalk and stare at my pictures long long okayy.

woke up past 3 today. decided to go for lunch/tea at

La' Castle Cafe
13-A, Jalan Desa 2/8, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 K.L
(situated very very near the KIP Drive-thru McDonalds!)
+603 6277 6127 +6012 2781181 +6017669942

typical cafe. very casual ambience with some magazines and board games available.

but what got me oh-so-hyped-and-excited was because it had been published all over blogs and magazines alike as a PET-FRIENDLY CAFE. toytoy says WUFFF =)

got play-pen somemore. wuff wuff =)

toytoy alone in playpen cause we went during an odd hour where there we were the only customers around besides another table nearby.

since toy toy was getting a bit naughty, pee-ing all over in the pen, trying to mark his territory, decided to put him on the chair instead.

so cute, i think i almost fainted when i captured this pic =) it is sooooooo difficult to take good photographs of dogs (or maybe just toytoy). they are always so easilty distracted by people walking by, cars passing, or just every little thing, or just plain camera-shy.

for every 1 good picture, i must have tried at least 10 times.

another really handsome picture of him on the super pretty leopard printed pillow. so jealous loh. we, humans, sit on the bare chair with no cushion, dog got pillow pulak! *faints*

obviously enjoying himself very very well =)

another failed picture. =.=

sorry though, i completely forgotten to take pictures of the food cz i was too caught up taking pictures of toytoy and reading some pet magazine. besides, food was so-so. not too good, not bad either. just very average. but it is actually very very affordable and reasonably-priced.

rm5.90 for my bowl of curry pan mee with chicken drumstick somemore! and about rm3.20 or so for a glass of honey lemon =)

reasonable or not you tell me?

toytoy also thinks its very reasonable horrr? =)
he seems so happy. its been quite some time i took him out.

alright. gtg do house chores. blog some other time, till then,

love, viv.

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