Thursday, December 23, 2010

i just had sex

I just had sex
And it felt so good
I wanna let me put my penis inside her
I just had sex
And I’ll never go back
To the not having sex ways of the past

[you should know by now that its the lyrics to the most WTF song of the year.]

seriously? got nothing better to sing about other than how awesome breaking your virginity is? and also to reinstate male chauvinism and imply women are toys?

"we wanna thank you all for letting us fuck you"


oh you got to be kidding me. *rolls eyes*

i cant believe blake lively and jessica alba actually stared in the video with those exaggerated expressions. their classiness and femininity all down the drain.

can kesha or alicia come up with a song to remind the men of their duties of pleasuring us women to multiple orgasms or not?


on a completely unrelated note, its kind of funny how a few people from my past whom i have not spoken to since high school, all came to me at once. what is this? reminiscence season? seriously, whats the point of apologizing and talking about things which i can barely remember of, from more than four years ago? it doesnt change anything does it?

let the bygones be bygones.

i had 4hours of sleep last night and sprung awake at 9am to get ready to go out.and i managed to take some nice pictures of myself before leaving for breakfast.

the sun was shining directly into my room, the lighting was just perfect.

dont even need to photoshop and touch up my pictures! *happy* no wonder they say morning sunlight is good. =)

what. six pictures only leh. i took like 50 frames of pictures which look relatively the same and got so fed up of looking at my own facial expressions so simply randomly upload them wtf =.=

so much for narcissism.

had breakfast with mum and met up with brother for lunch and catching up fragments of what we missed out from each others life for the past half a year.

ooh. and they have 'Each a Cup' in Ipoh now! *squeals*

brother <3

so unfair wtf he inherits all daddy's awesome physical traits. high angmoh nose, structured jaw, nice eyes and everything lah. ish. i inherit his skin problems and mum's button nose =(

luckily got makeup and photoshop to save me =.=


i spent the rest of the evening shopping alone. the thing about fashion and i, is that i'm always behind fashion. when something is in trend, i will appreciate it what more wear them. when they are out already, only i'll start to see how gorgeous such ensembles are, and search high and low for them. fml really.

loot for the day!
gotta go pack already. back to the city tomorrow! *woots!*


weisoon said...

WTF. i look such a kiddo in there =.="

RS said...

WTF is the RIGHT word. I just saw this - what the hell?????? -___- some people are way too jobless.

let me be truthful here, I clicked your link because the title shocked me. I was like, WHY THE HELL IS THIS GIRL showing off her experience?!!

But you proved me wrong. You're smart and opinionated. Thanks for sharing! =]

RS said...

sorry to annoy u with another comment. I juust read the WHOLE of this post. You're from IPOH?!!


RS said...

oh wait... you're from KL. never mind.

lazy doggie said...

haha viv...fainted to see u post THIS when u commented it has d most WTF lyrics XD anyway jz wanna come ur bro's look doesnt change much since d laz time i saw in matriks..:P

TOLANIC said...

Having sex is awesome! Btw, you from which part of Ipoh?

-LuvergalViv- said...

@weisoon, haha! as u said, blur looook ma =)

@RS, thanks for the compliment and yes, the catchy title was just a gimmick to trick people here =)i'm from ipoh though, just happen to be residing in kl.

@huiyee, hehe. i dont know wo. hm. maybe guys dont change alot?

@tolanic, LOL! i'm from pasir puteh =)

TOLANIC said...

Your place is it far from Pengkalan Pegoh?

kawakibi said...

what a lol