Monday, December 20, 2010

update as promised

oh, before i forget, i am
late i know.

i was actually hoping it would die off quickly like the whole myspace and plurk mania. T___T but apparently its not going to budge. as they say, if you cant beat em, join em. peer pressure wtf.

please, do follow me,
so i know who to follow
because i dont know who's on twitter and who's not.


the amount of snacks/fat food on dining table which mummy brought back from Korea seducing me. ish.

*closes eyes and walks away from it all*

i know i promised to come up with something good/controversial by tonight to bribe traffic but here i am apologizing if i made any of you wait/disappointed because this is just gonna be a meaningless empty post.

i cant seem to think of anything. at the moment, everything seems overwhelming because its been only three days since i launched this blog publicly and people dropping by has increased by leaps and bounds.

thankyou i really appreciate it. =)

but the thing is that it had made me so freaking obsessed with the statistics and amount of uniques. i find myself refreshing my stats every now and then, and get super stressed if less people drop by at a certain time. and stressing myself with how to increase the traffic and shit like that. sigh.

maybe i do have mild obsessive compulsive disorder. except that my obsessions flicker like a candle in the wind. *wtf poetic*

*chill viv chill*

*breathe in and out*

i just discovered this stupid game. i think i went on it like a thousand times just to find out how many types of berry(s) there are and how to achieve a certain berry category. =.=

enough with ramblings. i have this tendency to talk too much /verbal diarrhea when it gets late. please dont get freaked out and do come again =)

goodnight and sweet dreams all, xoxo.

p/s: click on ads thankyou


lazy doggie said...

hehhehehehe..u r finally on twitter..but its NTH near peer pressure darling..:P we are having loads of fun spamming each other der wif much more privacy actually...n yup..i did realise u publicize ur blog..alot of unknowns flowing have a peak on ur lovely toy toy XD

-LuvergalViv- said...

yes i am hehe =) peer pressure to join it i mean.

Kelvin said...

I am an awesome berry haha XD

-LuvergalViv- said...

hah! good for u leh! mine all not accurate wan ish.