Thursday, December 16, 2010

why dogs are better than kids

i was just looking through recent pictures of toytoy and realized how much he has grown.

about a year ago.

puppy monster love.
my fav picture of all time =)

so tiny and puppy-ish! with puppy eyes and itsy bitsy teeth.

oh how time flies.

my baby will be turning TWO in two days. we have had a lot of ups and downs, especially this year. there were a lot of points where i wanted to give up, but when i look in his eyes, i know i cannot leave him. i just cannot.

this is how he looks like recently.

he's still very adorable in his little ways but more matured.

10 reasons why dogs are better than kids

1. dogs love you unconditionally

they are always so excited to see you! they dont care if you are fat, ugly, have bad breath or pathetic. dogs are loyal. remember Hachiko: a dog story? i remember crying buckets of tears while toytoy sat next to me wondering why i was so sad.

2. they wont do stupid things, make you worried or break your heart

children grow up and be influenced by their stupid friends. they start drinking, driving, smoking and doing drugs. even if they dont, parents will always worry kids will do something stupid. like kill themselves after their parents painfully raised them for twenty years. dogs dont. they might runaway, but its easier to keep a dog from running away than it is to keep a child from doing so.

3. they dont ask for allowance and expensive gifts

children will ask for allowance raise and new shoes every single month. new handphones, camera, vacations and all nots. dogs are happy with their chew toys and just your companionship.

4. dogs dont cry the whole night

babies are the most annoying thing in the world. you need to rock them for hours, burp them, sing lullabies, and they will still wake up and wail the whole night wtf. puppies fall asleep all the time and they wont interrupt your sleep =)

5. dogs dont ask why or talk back

kids grow up to want things and not understand why they are not allowed to do/have certain things. i remember myself asking a lot of 'why, why WHY?' when i was young wtf. dogs dont talk back like children do and they dont scream 'i hate you!' when they dont get their way.

6. they dont complain

about the food not tasting good, or their clothes getting out of fashion, or their handphones not 'cool' enough. they dont critisize or judge when you had a bad day or cant cook.

7. dogs can be neutered

one of the biggest concern among parents are that their kids will grow up to learn the law of attraction and do stupid things out of lust and curiosity. mothers worry their daughters will get raped and pregnant, and worry their sons will grow up raping girls or becoming a father at tender age. dogs can just be neutered. end of story.

8. they dont lie

this goes unsaid. children will learn how to get around rules and lie and be rebellious. dogs dont.

9. they accept discipline and better behaved

kids cannot stand still. i dont understand how parents with eight children deal with all the running about and screaming. annoying much. you can just tell your dog to 'be quiet'.

10. they are not going to be independent and leave.

kids will grow up, have friends, have their own life and leave. dogs dont. they only have you. they cant be independent and they wont leave. the older a dog grows, the more he loves his owner. (unless the owner is an asshole, that is). back to point number one that they only have you and love you till they die.

but because they not human, doesnt give you a right to have a 'trial run' with them and then abandon them later when things get rough. think thoroughly before you jump into decision of owning a dog just because he is cute. it is not okay to abandon or give up children, thus, it is shouldnt be okay for owners to leave their dogs.

dogs are furkids. places which are kid-friendly like restaurants and malls, should be pet-friendly for well behaved dogs.

after all, dogs are better than kids what. =)

xoxo, viv.


~☆CℓΑUDIΑ ☆~ said...

I love this blog so MUCH!! DOG better than kid!~

-LuvergalViv- said...

hehe =) thanks claudia!