Wednesday, January 19, 2011


cherry dress for dimsum lunch.
sleepless nights are so evident on my face, even a cake of foundation and concealer cannot hide =( massive eyebags and bad tired skin. sigh.

French Onion soup at Fridays. again excuse the tired face.

i've been eating SO MUCH lately. going through my usual phrase of yoyo dieting.

overeating - guilt and regret-
extreme dieting- disappointment and temptation-
depression and sleeplessness-
back to overeating again


Ikea Meatballs, Banana muffin, Ham&Cheese sandwich.
i seriously that Ikea's meatballs quality have deteriorated terribly. i used to be crazy over it. now its dry disgusting and bleh.

Ikea Salmon, Chicken Leg

Kiku Zakura udon
overpriced. salty. and disgusting.

Fridays' Mac n Cheese
Fridays' Sirloin Steak and Salmon linguine

Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolatebanana

Orange Almond cake@ Alexis

Alexis pumpkin Ravioli and passionfruit tea.

now you know that it takes THREE MONTHS to actually lose SOME weight
but only THREE DAYS to gain it all back, AND MORE.

last picture of me shamelessly nom-ing on caramel popcorn
oh i watched The Tourist. very much reminded me of Angelina's other movie, Salt.
mafia- villain/ undercover agent- action movie- twisted storyline

abrupt end. i have no motivation to blog anymore.
gonna lie on the couch munch chocolates and sulk.

fucking insomnia ate my soul.


lazy doggie said... wont gain bac easily as long as u got urself some work like normal move more to lose or keep =) join jy for d swim..she is determined after seeing u..hehe

-LuvergalViv- said...

lol. i got no swimming suit leh. wait i shift to the new condo i go swimming everyday lol.

problem is that i DONT WORK OUT lol. only do a LITTLE BIT housework =( i also wanna be determined like u lehh!!!

lazy doggie said...

haha excuse me...u also not too bad...u stop urself from RICE leh....sushis are made of can u not eat tat SUMTIMES within those days... :P anyway jz keep it n don bloated up can d lor...hehe...when guilt hits after eating too much in a one light one heavy meal in a day...or jz make it a meal a day lor..a healthy meal pls..cny is coming....=D

domokun said...

u really look very tired>< rest more^^

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