Sunday, October 14, 2007

-tHe RinG-

you know, i'm the kind of person who can't leave the house without accessories and at least basic make up
then, last night as i was taking off my stuff
my sis suddenly asked,
"why are you still wearing the ring?"
i was wearing me and danny's ring on my wedding finger
i was stunned, i didn't even realised
but i realised wearing that ring did not gave me the same feeling i used to have when i wore it
it didn't mean a thing to me when i wore the ring
it didn't mean i still love him
i'm just so sure that i have moved on
the ring is just a part of a beautiful memory with a bad ending
but it's okay
i've gone through all the crying and all the pain over him
and i guess it's enough
he did not appreciate me
and it's just too late..
i'm not being unfair, i'm just trying to protect my heart
i've gone through so much shit he put me through
enough is enough
i'm learning to let go and forget
the ring is just another accessory on me, it doesn't mean i still miss him even if i'm wearing it

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