Tuesday, October 16, 2007

who are you to look down at me this way?

i finally gathered all my courage to go back to where i used to work
i had lots of beautiful memories there actually
the Japanese fashion boutique has inspired me in many ways
the experience has sculpted me into what i am today
and it was greatttt to go back
ah hoe - my supervisor
was very happy to see me again and of course his antiques and his naughty mouth has never changed
then there was
yoke -
the closest girl to me while i was working
she seriously taught me so much,
from fashion, to guys, to life, to the real nightlife and everything
(i make her sound old=.=") but anyway she's only 17
she has influenced me in many ways
if you see it, my smoking habit and nightlife is much influenced by her
my fashion sense and make up style is exactly the same as her
but still
in the fashion industry
there's always rivalry
and i can still see the discrimination, prejudice and hatred burning in YY's eyes
some people just never change!
it's not like i care whether she hates me or not
my point is that why are people being prejudiced over me?
i'm just struggling to fit in
i don't seem to seriously fit in some 'category'
real people don't need labels
and i'm real
it's up to you whether to accept me or not
and if you don't
who are you to judge me?
who are you to be prejudiced against me?
who are you to say nasty things about me?
who are you to look down at me this way?
you don't even know me!
get a life and stop victimising me!

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