Saturday, January 26, 2008

i'm so over him

it's been some time
i was so confused bout my own feelings
right now i'm sure
i've got over him and it felt so good taking the burden of missing him off my shoulder
we had some crappy misunderstandings and i know he hates me to the bits now
i thought i would miss him
miss his messages dropping by every now and then
miss seeing him sneak up on me at the busstop everytime i came back
but i didn't
it made me sick to know that he is trying to take revenge on how i broke his heart
i want to be happy
at least this way
he can finally stop loving me and move on sometime
i'm not trying to be some kind of hero
but it's for the best
we both know
some people feel that it was a waste that we did not work out
but for me
walking out of this relationship with him made me experience lots and lots more pretty things in life
compared to all the shit he made me go through
don't get me wrong
i'm not saying that i'm hateful of him or our broken relationship
he brought me lots of happiness but also a lot of tears
i thought i will never get over him
but i did and i'm already sincerely over him
losing him made me met my darling now
he is wonderful
and everything i ever wanted in a guy
he gives me everything danny could never give me
and i'm thankful
no longer revengeful..

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