Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i hate it when class is cancelled n no1 tells me!!!!
grrr... on 11th august 2008 1.55 pm
i forced myself to get up from bed and dragged myself to class
i was darn sleepy and
it was so hard to resist the temptation to stay in bed
waited sleepily with a few other blur people
at 2.30 we finally gave up!
class was cancelled!!
grr... i swear being a good girl does not pay! !!
skipped 4pm's hubungan etnik
it's a stupid class, something like moral class
went n meet up with the xie jiao gang
i miss them so badly!
god damn it was darn hot.. grr..
took metrobus to ss2
heads were turning everywher we went
there were so many of us
almost 20
wearing the 'xie jiao' tshirt
we looked lik sum underground gang... =.="
ppl wouldn't believe we were university students =)
walked around pasar malam
big crowd, mostly uni students, keep bumping into friends
bumped into a senior from mgs
can't believe that she actually recognise me =)
bumped into siew boon and sylvia
even saw kc
saw caera and all
what is this? um's latest hangout area?
had dinner n headed to the park
took pictures... i miss these people so much
i really want to upload pictures, but i'm using the lab's computer now
celebrated yeewoan's bday
tiramisu was awesome
bt seriously, it just feels different from the times in johore
especially different without tingyi, chungseng and irene
walked around for a bit
i suddenly thought of buying flip flops
turn around and ran to the stall and quickly bought it
suddenly i realised
there i was walking around
not knowing where i was or where to go,
which direction to head, how to go back
i was just lost!
luckily i bumped into ah yao n seeyee
gosh, i was darn relieved...
at that point i was already scrolling my phonebook list
thinking of hu to call and ask him to pick me up
god i swear i will never ever run off alone like that anymore!
boarded rapid kl back to campus
realized that intan gate was closed =(
seeyee called shum and asked him to pick us up
he was nice enough to drive over to pick us and fetch us into campus
he looked as cute as he was in pictures =)
i found out that he's from ipoh too!
talked awhile and found out that he knows my mum!
went back to room
mum called, told her bout shum
mum kept going on and on about
how well-rounded shum was
how he was a gud student in school,
how he was this and that this and that
and yeah,
i also found out that ken is suang's senior in high school
the world is small ain't it?
mum went on and on about shit at home
stuff with my bro and shit he is getting into
sigh.. i don't want to care that much lar seriously
it's not that i don't love my family or what shit
i just can't be bothered with all the mess and what nots
why shouldd i let stuff like that run my own happiness?
mum was crying and telling me that bro was up to no good
crying bout how sad she was that dad doesn't care bout bro anymore
sigh... i feel sad for her.. pity her
but i seriously don't want to be involved lar...
why should i be the one to talk to him?
why should i? i'm going home this fri
shit like this makes me feel like not going home
argued badly with baby last night
='( why is he being so hard?
oh shit!!!
i'm late for class

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