Sunday, August 10, 2008

mock trial yesterday wasn't as hilarious as wed nite
maybe cause it was my 2nd time watching it
anyway, ah ma came over to watch
i'm so happy to talk to her!!!
went back to my room at 6, had dinner and bathed
wei qing was supposed to pick me at 9
but he texted me and said he might not be able to make it tonight
his friend was involved in a crash...
he picked me up around 11
hopped into his vios
drove around for a while
headed to bangsar and scanned for a nice place to drink
saturday nite... grrr...
jam, no parking, dead crowded...
decided not..
drove around and we ended up a nightspot area
i have absolutely no sense of direction =.="
and i am thinking of driving on my own next year??
i doubt myself =)
headed to this sunshine club
kl's sunshine is darn small and very 'club' concept
i still prefer malacca's sunshine where it is by the sea
the open air concept and very bar-like
it's not that i don't like clubs
it's just that i feel darn frustrated when i really want to talk
and i keep needing to scream my ass off
sat by the bar and had some drinks
it was nice in the sense that it wasn't smokey
i'm proud to say that i did not steal a single puff =)
i've grown out of smoking.. *pat on the back* =)
the place was real dead
at 12.30am
the dance floor was still empty =.="
the only person who was really high was the bartender
the place had a lot of foreigners
not bangla or indon lar..
just a lot of the blondes and 'ang mo'
and quite some indians
we just kept laughing and joking about other people
=p he's just super hilarious
and i felt really 'under-dressed'
i was wearing a low cut long sleeved shirt and denim shorts
i did minimum make up and did not even bothered to fix my hair
ladies were super hot in their club dresses, bling attire and miniskirts
and i felt like a kid =.="
i thought we were going for supper only =.="
drink and dance was all we did that night
slowly tha dance floor got crowded
sweated goddamn much
i swear i will never ever wear long sleeved to dance
baby didn't know i went out anyway
uh-huh, i'm not cheating on him
in fact i did keep reminding myself
that i was his lady the whole night
i just don't want to create unnecessary arguements
things he doesn't know would not hurt him
it's not that i did anything bizarre or really really wrong
*winks* i'm born hot-blooded =)
left around 3
happy times tend to pass fast don't they?
drove around titiwangsa area awhile
he sent me back around 4
they have a stupid campus rule here
where after 12, cars which do not have uni stickers
are not allowed to drive in
students who come back after 12 will have to walk from the gate
but the guard was nice enough to let him drive in
washed up bathed and slept
pat myself on the back for not being drunk and wasted
i still have loads of unfinished work
woke up at 12 today
went for lunch with roomie
talked to louis about the tattoo issue again
sigh.. i really don't know if i would regret
i might be going to tattoo a Y shaped scorpion at the back of my neck
i'm just afraid
that i would chicken out once the needle is drilled into my body
the thought of the pain that may occur
just sends shivers down my spine
am i making a right choice??
gonna have a week of holiday next week
ken is sending me back to ipoh
but i have no idea whether he wants to go back on fri or sat
i haven't talked to him since wed nite
why?? i seriously don't know
i cannot be bothered to text him or even reply his messages
why?? i just don't know
i'm dying to sleep in my comfy bed
enjoy good food and good things at home
minus all the nagging, shouting, screaming, cold war and what shit
tmr nite will be celebrating yeewoan's bday
steamboat at kelana jaya
but ah ma might not be going =(
bet it's just gonna be different without chungseng and irene...

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