Tuesday, August 19, 2008

i'm gonna miss you. goodbye.

bernard left at 9 this morning
he called just before his flight took off
just to say goodbye and tell me to take care.
i tried hard not to cry
i am really gonna miss him
though not knowing him for very long
i felt like we have been friends since we were 12
if i had my way
i would have stayed in kl to be with him before he left
just to be with him a little bit longer
i have no idea when he'll be back
or even if he will be back
all that i know is that i will miss him
miss making him wait when ever he picks me up
miss his smile when he tells me that i look pretty
miss his dimples when he looks at me and smiles weakly
miss seeing him blur and lost when
i ask him stuff he doesn't know how to answer
miss seeing him shy when i say silly stuff =)
miss his 'ang mo' slang when he speaks
miss his cute accent while speaking bm to waiters
miss his driving 'skills' which made me laugh
miss the way he shuffled my hair
and make me feel like a little girl once again
miss going to movies with him
and laugh together at jokes which other people don't find funny
miss his whispers in my ear which would leave me giggling
miss satisfying our addiction for
mcD and chocolates together
miss forcing him to love popcorn
miss his occasional burps which never fails to disgust me
and laughing over it
miss drooling over his tattoos
miss intellectual conversations over teh tarik
miss hanging around mamak and talk bout our lives
miss sharing our passion for
things we both have in common
and our love for beaches, movies and chocolates
and obsession in tattoos, goth and death
miss sharing our differences
and talk bout stuff we do not agree on
talk bout our lives and disappointments
and shits in our lives
all the things which make us happy
like having each other's company
miss driving around aimlessly
just to be with each other for an extra hour
miss walking around and getting lost
just to talk with him
miss being with him all night
just talking and staring at the stars
just enjoying each others company
miss singing to myself and catch him staring at me
miss closing my eyes and opening them
to see him smiling dreamily at me
miss the way he makes me feel when i'm with him
miss the gentleman in him
who makes sure that i'm treated like a princess
miss the cute things he does just to make me laugh
miss fooling around with him
knowing that i can be myself and unleash my soul
when i'm with him
miss looking in his soulful eyes
when he tells me special things
and tell me that heaven sent an angel to be with him
miss smiling back at him
and telling him that his presence made me a happier person
miss the bear hugs he gave
which made me feel secure and happy once again
miss knowing that he is always there for me
miss his messages dropping by
just to tell me that he misses me
miss him calling just to hear me talk
miss the way he makes me feel special to him
and i'm really gonna miss this special friendship we share.
it's so special that despite our differences
we are this close
goodbye my dear friend.
you'll always have this special place in my heart
i'm never gonna forget you
i wish you all the best
and that this new beginning
would erase all the unhappiness in your life
and bring out the happier person in you
i'm really gonna miss you...

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