Tuesday, August 26, 2008

rain rain, DON"T go away.. =)

rainy days bring out the laziness in me
after 12pm class and walking under the heavy rain
i came back and bathed
wore my most comfortable big t and shorts
i jz love tucking in bed comfortably under a thick warm blanket
hugging my 'bao bei' while it's pouring cats and dogs outside
i love getting up at noon on rainy days
and have hot chocolate and a loyal bar of snickers
as i listen to nice music and watch the rain =)
ahhh.... heaven
fck all the classes i missed
it just feels great to reward myself this way after all
i miss ah ma
who would drag me out of bed and nag about missing classes
then plop in bed beside me and would be snoring within 2minutes
and i definitely miss irene
who would tuck in bed with me
roll over and shuffle my hair and smile to see me still asleep at noon
ahhh.. the good old days...
miss all of them so muchie...

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