Saturday, September 6, 2008

ahh...a rather tiring not-so-typical saturday
woke up at 7 tis morning
went for the briefing on the jpa scholarship
i know i know
it's not a good scholarship considering that
i have a 6years bond to serve the government upon graduation
and if i fail to do so, i'll have to pay back 110k
but, it's free money rite??
although not THAT much,
i mean only about 11k per year
but it's still better than nothing
rained heavily today
jackson fetched us all to lunch and headed to the faculty
it is law career convention day
it was darn crowded i tell you
so many big legal firms even shell and the securities commission had their booths there
the whole faculty was transformed!
i was shocked
went around grabbing goodie bags and
registering for attachments with the firms
getting around getting drinks and food from booths
playing on the race track stimulator
talking to lawyers and partners learning about their firms
i was freggin frustrated because i was wearing tshirt n cargoes n sport shoes
some lawyers were so stucked up
and couldn't be bothered to approach me
cause they thought i wasn't a law student
i dont blame them
i mean everyone else were in their suits and working attire
i wanted to go back and change in to a proper attire
i mean, at least a formal shirt, heels, skirt n blazer
but it was raining so i decided not to
continued being under-dressed.. lol
anyway it was my lucky day
i won a couple of prizes from firms through quizzes, games and lucky draw
among them is a tshirt, cap, and a PENDRIVE =)
i was so freaking excited!!
i'm going out already
jackson's picking me, louis n chungleng
heading to midvalley i think
itching to shop badly =)
i'll update later.. i'm so happy!.. =)

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