Sunday, September 7, 2008

ahh.. freaking tired
was supposed to go out with law fac peeps
but i ffk last minute
cause they were going to watch a movie i have watched
kelvin came over to pick me up at 9
he was nice to take me around kl
and show me around places
headed to hartamas square and had late dinner with him
his friends came around and we hanged out
i wanted to catch a movie
but ah, probably next time
drove around mont kiara and hartamas area
loved the condos there..=)
but a unit there could buy me 2 decent sized bungalows in ipoh
night was still young
headed over to scan for nice places to drink
crashed into soda club
seemed to be the hottest spot in sri hartamas
not really my type anyway
i mean all the lighting and disco-style interior
all the swanky blue laser lights and old school rnb hits
it didn't really impress me
not really crowded which suited me fine =)
it frustrates me when i keep getting squashed
and have to push my way through the human sea
had a couple of drinks
didn't even bothered to hit the dance floor
left for another yumcha session
as i was talking to em and watching a show on the big screen
a drunken babe accompanied by a guy and a girl
walked to the toilets
i noticed them because the chick was so drunk =.="""
i was concentrating at the big screen
about 5minutes later,
i guess after the drunk babe has threw up enough
i heard a voice saying
" this chick was staring at you and i"
the bitch was pointing her fckin finger at me to her drunken friend
me?? staring??
tolong lahh...
the drunk one was so slutty
and i could see her nipples under her white top
which her bra 'conveniently' failed to cover
and so much foundation caked on her rotten acne infected face
why would i want to stare?!?
she just disgust me!!
i just wanted to stand up
and shout at the bitch who said that
who does she think she is??
with boob spilling out of her wrong sized bra
and 3 layer stomach flabs showing under that tight dress
and she thinks i'm looking at her boobs cause they were pretty??
tolong lar!!!
these people really darn stupid lar really
arghh... dumb people..
i am so freggin tired
goodnite =)

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