Thursday, September 11, 2008

i have two tutorial classes tomorrow
but i cannot motivate myself to prepare and study
had legal method test and went to kfc to celebrate yuenfang's birthday
somehow it's just different lar..
had km test
and i bumped in michelle at the library
high school mates
i haven't seen her since leaving mgs
lol.. so unexpected
i almost could not recognise her
mingcher told me about yaolanshou having auditions today
i was so skeptical about going for the audition
cause chinese orientated programmes do not impress me so much
considering my poor command of the language.. lol..
i went anyway
yao lan shou is actually a group of chinese people
who are passionate about music
they compose, play and perform their own music
it is a national thing i think...
where shortlisted people get to play in bands
and tour around the country
quite many people were auditioning
i went in unprepared
armed with only a simple song of carrie underwood's i'll stand by you
not to mentioned that i was sickly
coughing like i had mad cow disease and my voice seriously suffered
but the guy was quite impressed with my sickly voice
it sounded sexay to him.. low and sore..=)
they asked me to sing something more upbeat
i was so unprepared to sing a second song
i stood there patching rhythms in my head
and trying to match pieces of broken lyrics in 20 seconds
it went kinda awful

cause i was so unprepared with messy lyrics and jumbled up rhythm
i bet they felt that it was crap.. =.=""
ohyea, i saw tian tong dancing
i stood there in awe watching him
he's super hot i tell you!
tall dark handsome and absolutely charming
they were practising for some sort of show coming up
he looked super hot sweating as he danced! gosh...
during his break he saw me watching
i looked away and my heart raced when he came over

omigod! he smile at me
i felt weak at my knees with that smile
he even talked to me!!!
i thought he had never noticed me
i thought i was nobody to him
thought i was invisible to him
i can't believe he actually recognise me and know who i am =)

later at night
went to watch chinese debate competition
lol.. i was freggin blur
not that i dont understand the language
roomie won =)
went for supper with law fac peeps
i ate so much just now
as if i hadn't eaten in 3 days
i'm so annoyed with the weather these days
so freggin unpredictable
it gets so hot at times
like now!!!
i'm sitting down doing nothing and yet sweating like i am in hell
you seriously cannot imagine the heat in here
sometimes it rains so heavily that i catch cold
grr...most of the time it is boiling point here
at least it really heats my boiling point
i'm have mood swings so often
sometimes i just suprise myself
and i got so annoyed with this particular person today
some people just dont know the boundary dont they??
speak without their brains
acting like dogs
no, i'm not being mean to people like these
but people who act like dogs are to be treated like one
maybe a horse should shove its long dick into that asshole stuffed with pigbrains
i may be harsh to him
but it is because he acts like a cow
not worth wasting my time trying to talk cow sense to an animal
jack and ting kept commenting on my friendster pictures
i know i know
i look way uglier in person than in my pictures
and i am nobody without my make up
they keep teasing me bout it.. *sulks and pouts*
nothing wrong with trying to look better right?
i know i'm ugly
that is why i'm dependant on beauty products and my make up
if i was born drop dead gorgeous
i would not have to depend on those right??
sometimes guys can be so straight forward
but i guess at times,
it is nice to talk to people who would speak their heart
than try to polish my shoes and sweet talk me
something so random
a few guys commented that i look sweet
i was like =.="""'
sexy is how most people would describe me
though i'm really not... *winks

but sweet?? lol..
dont make me laugh...
i'm a huge meanie..*grins*
oh, not to mention
a friend who has always been a meanie
said something really really nice to me
and i know he meant it.. =)
from his heart

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