Saturday, September 13, 2008

my eyes hurt so badly.. =(
i swear i will never wear contact lenses for long hours
i just got back
ray picked me up at 11
wanted to have a drink at italiannese
instead we went over to The Scarlet in Cineleisure
i actually quite like the place
it's more to a lounge than a dance club
and i really liked it as 90% of the people there are chinese
not lala chinese mind you
working class people who are more sophisticated
quite a nice environment i would say as it wasnt smokey
we sat at a more quite corner to talk
after a few drinks we got up and danced
a really really drunk chick kept falling down at my feet
she seriously could not stand anymore
but she still wanted to shake her bootie
and she kept falling on her back and even on her face
lol...and it seriously disgusted me when she started vomiting
right there.
urghh...can't someone take her to the bathroom
left scarlet around 3 and drove around
he took me to sunway =)
had supper and sent me back
i must say, he's such a gentleman!
little details he did were just so sweet!
i gotta wash up d.. =) goodnite..

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