Monday, September 1, 2008

i'm back in kl again
sigh... i miss him so bad
had been going through so much emotions this whole week
it had been great being with him every single minute
felt loved, felt abandoned
smiled, laughed and cried
tears of joy, tears of sorrow
tears for missing him so badly
tears of hatred, tears of anger
was jealous, was angry
was happy, was contented
i cried so badly when we had to go our seperate ways again
everytime we seperate, i think to myself
" will this be the last time we ever meet? "
sometimes i miss him so badly
i just to be with him forever
sometimes i hate him so much, he makes me so sad
i just want to walk away
sometimes he makes me so special
i just want the moment to last forever

i guess i won't be seeing him till november
and i miss him so much that it hurts so bad
i just want to be with him every moment
watch him sleep like a baby
awaken by his kisses in the morning
hold his hand as he drives
steal kisses when noone's watching
listen to him when he talks
hug him tightly when he's upset
provoke him and make him so angry
and smile to myself because i know he cares
stroke his face gently when he looks at me
run my fingers through his hair and tell him i love him
lay on the beach watching stars and talk

run around barefooted as he chases me and lifts me
feel his strong arms around me
and know that i'm loved
look in his eyes and see how much he loves me
watch him fall asleep in movies and kiss him lightly
sulk when he tells me i'm getting fatter
but i'm glad he even noticed.. =)
wake up with messy hair and he tells me that i'm pretty
and make me feel so special to him

watch him paint my nails and do little things for me with all his heart
wipe the sweat off his forehead and catch him staring
the way he grabs me when i'm angry with him
and hug me so tight just to whisper that he won't let me go
smile weakly at him
when he does little things for me
like holding the door, peeling prawn shells for me and hugging me close to him at crowded places
i tell myself
"i want to be with this man for the rest of my life"
it's his second birthday we spent together as a couple
for the rest years to come and birthdays to come
i want to be with him
i love him and
i really want us to work out

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