Friday, September 5, 2008


i SWEAR i will never procrastinate again
i have essay due at 9am and how the fck am i gonna finish it?
and it definitely doesn't help when i am fussy with little details...
i'm seriously stressed and moody when i do things at the eleventh hour
sigh.. anyway
had heavy classes today
5 hours of class!! goshh...
hated contract class today
new tutor and he was so freggin blur
i'm starting to doubt his capability and knowledge.. =.="""
i kept drooling over my legal method tutor
he's so freggin handsome i tell you!
i'm seriously lost in studies
i havent been reading up and i'm starting to be afraid
cause my work is piling and i'm clueless
and exams are nearing and
tutors have been noticing me for being unprepared for tutorials
went jamming with sum band guys at the studio just now
might join them as vocalist
they wanted to recruit me as a musician
i laughed it off
i haven't playing instruments for freggin long
it was a nice studio with great instruments
full set drums and guitars of all sorts
even accordians and amplifiers
sound proof walls and nice atmosphere.. =)
went out for supper with them
they are really really nice peeps.. =)
ahh.. now you see why my work is forever unfinished and last minute?
and fuck the neighbours who keep screaming and laughing middle of the night
darn irritating and brainless
feel like knocking their doors and smashing their stupid heads
grr.. i'm so violent lately
lol... gotta start working on my essay
i've got 5more hours.. lol...
this is what happens when you procrastinate
and goddamn my ulcer, it hurts so freaking much! =(

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