Sunday, September 21, 2008

wednesday nite was with kelvin
he picked me up at 9
drove around for some time
reached the curve around 10.30
the movie's at 1am
checked out the sanctuary and
the freggin cold ice bar
didn't really like the place
headed to scarlet again
on wed nites, they hav promotion for college girls
buy one drink free one drink
had a couple of drinks and headed for movie
i was so freggin tired that i slept through the movie
can't blame me cause it was my 3rd time
watching 'money not enough 2'
when he sent me back around 4
i was so freggin tired that i just crashed into bed
without even washing up =.=''
woke up in the morning feeling awful

thursdays are busy
promised ah ma to sleepover tat nite
and have pillow talk with her..


ohyea, bro's operation's fine
i feel really bad for him and for mum
i bet it was really really hard for mum
but then again
i really dont wanna care

baby and i are still on rocky side
i guess he is still not over me
frustrating when he suffocates me
and keeps threatening me
irritates the shit out of me lar seriously

richard picked me up on thursday nite
crashed cocobanana at sunway
1st time i clubbed that early =.=''
10pm.. wow.. =)
had a couple of martini and chivas
had a couple of games
i tried to keep sane the whole nite
i have never been a heavy drinker

after midnite i was getting high and got tipsy
kept playing games with max and he got me drinking
guess i really lost count of how much i was drinking
and i was fucking drunk!!!
ohyea, and i met a really sweet girl in the washroom
her name is ah yeng or something
she was really really nice to look after me for while
and yea, i lost my ic
frustrating cause it's darn ma fan lar..
dont know when or where i dropped it
i put it in my back pocket of my shorts
guess it must have dropped out lar

dont know what made me drink over my limits
was puking and vomiting like a mother fucker
i feel awful for vomiting all over the club
damn 'sia sui' and embarrassing
i hadnt been that drunk for a freggin long time
and yea, i vomitted all over his toyota camry backseat
i know i know
i was darn drunk
he had to carry me all 4 flights of stairs up to his apartment
cause i was too freaking drunk to even walk =.="
again i slept till about dawn with my make up on
and my contact lenses on..
luckily it did not hurt..

friday was really toned down
i had a bad hangover
bad headache and i was nauseous
vomitting blood every now and then
hanged out at his place and i'll be hanging over for the weekends
dont wanna be alone in my room also lar
roomie will be away
and i'm not keen of sleeping alone
just hang around watching tv and movies
and talking to him
i must say, he is a real gentleman.
tonite was supposed to head over to m.o.s for yuan's party
but no, didnt
i just sent him a short message to say happy birthday
and that i will not be going
dont know lar.. kinda scared already of getting drunk again
besides, i dont have my IC with me
not such a good idea to get into clubs rite?
yea, lodged a police report just now
gave false statement
lied about where and when i lost it
but, sigh.. not like they would care rite??
darn ma fan to report and get a new IC lar.. grrr...

and baby's really frustrating me
i get so freggin annoyed when he calls
and threatens me and all
can he just leave me alone and take rejection maturely
and not act like a kid losing his toy
FUCK! seriously pissing me off lorr...
and he's starting to send 'stuff' to my sis
to threaten me
lucky thing that i deleted mum and dad's number
from his phone already
sigh... i darn 'pik chik' d lar...
how can i get rid of him
without him doing this to me?? =(

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