Sunday, October 5, 2008

ENVY ME.. =)

envy me
someone bought me GUCCI ENVY ME perfume
be jealous..=)

i'm back in kl already
had sudden change of plans
and here i am in his place again
just came back from drinking
darn nauseous
i only had a teeni weet of liquor
tonight is just not my night
being back in ipoh was not quite productive
i did not study
did not complete assignments
all i did was
argue badly with mum
talking all night with richard
going online and wasting time
window shopping and sing K
happy hour drinking and late night suppers
catching up on movies and sleep
enjoying good food and my stereos at home
and of course
having suang to sleepover =)
i miss sleeping with her.. just like the good ol' days
it's nice to know that she is still the same
i'm just more than happy to be back in kl

1 comment:

Ciara said...

who bought you perfume??