Friday, September 26, 2008

i'm fine. no worries

dont worry
i'm fine
i dont need sympathy
i dont need pity
i'm fine. i really am.

a busy day
finally i'm attending classes once again
sleeping through classes is another issue
last day of tutorial with my hottie tutor
i have barely missed any of his tutorials
the image of his cute smile is enough to motivate me to go to class
even if it was pouring like mad outside.
and the temptation to stay in bed is so strong
=( today's my last tutorial with him already. =(
had already had dinner at uni around 6 before i went for meeting and tutorial
richard picked me up for 2nd round of dinner at 10
went to nirwana in bangsar for the famous banana leaf rice
mmm... darn tasty
i am gonna become super FAT!!!
everytime with him also eat DELICIOUS food
causing me to overeat everytime..
but fuck the calories and fat lar..
it's nice to eat good food.. =)
next was baskin robbin's
heavenly scoop of "world class chocolate"
a perfect blend of white, milk and dark chocolate
with lotsa chocolate mousse.. ahhh...
the feeling was heavenly
i told him
" having chocolates, ice cream, good music and a great man is such a great feeling ''
we both laughed. =)
i just love his company
and i really really wanted to go to zouk with him tonite. =(
hmph...jealous like shit
but i know my priorities lar
tonite is huiyee's birthday celebration
and i have english class early tomorrow morning
i HAVE to attend it cause i have crossed the 'ponteng kuota'
skip another time and i will be barred from exams
and will have to retake it again next sem.. zzzz....
supper again. i'm really gonna gain 10kg extra if i go on this way
but chocolate cake with blueberry topping and
was just too hard to resist. =)
suddenly it struck me. it had been one whole year
time really flies.
how can i not forget huiyee's bday celebration last year?
the 3 cake birthday party
running, chasing, screaming
playing with flour, cakes, pepsi and everything else we could find
showering right there in public
that was what brought me close to irene
and of course the rest of the gang
getting busted by guards
and how mingcher stood up against them
and changed my mind about him =)
and trying to hide from guards in the park
having to clean up the mess we made
washed our hair 4 times that night
headed to bilik bacaan after midnite and
nasi goreng kampung at cafe at 3am
next day of cleaning the smelly tutorial classes
how can i ever forget??
time really flies
it had been one whole year. wow.

after supper
headed for 2nd round of supper with shum and suang
McD again
i'm getting scared of McD already
but i just love being with her lar. =)
just knowing that we both didnt change much
and we were still the close friends we were a whole year ago
dont know if i should go to kareoke with uni peeps tomorrow noon
but someone promised to take me to neway ktv tomorrow nite oh..
cant wait.


Irene said...

argh. =(

hui yee said...

hey babe..
it has been long time for not chatting wif u.. be honest if u really wan2 count when is d laz time we really chat its like long b4 u moved to blok d rite ^^
we r more like a gang den like a fren..
but no matter wat..u r still sum1 important in my life..
supporting u anytime u need it..
take care^.6