Wednesday, October 15, 2008

yesterday's performance went well
although i nearly forget my lyrics again
i'm just super grateful for the support of friends
especially suang, ma, keekee, yiwen, yao and seeyee
who came all the way just to see me sing. =)
i felt so happy to see them there in the crowd
and of course
thanks to law fac peeps who were so supportive
arriving early and filling up the front rows =)
screaming and cheering away
and of course thanks to my awesome pianist , anna
who made everything possible =)
i hope to get the videos and pictures of it soon =)
sorry if i didnt perform well
but having all of you with me is enough to make me happy =)

it was nice to have seeyee, suang and ah ma to finally gather
and camwhore in my messy room =)
seriously miss them freaking much
n my dearest irene,
it certainly wasnt perfect without u
i miss you =(
sadly i had plans for the night
and didnt manage to hang out longer with em
elayne and carsen picked me up at 11pm and headed to ss2 for supper
wanted to go for kareoke but it was raining crazily
headed to jayaone's kopitiam
the pathways were not covered as jayaone concept is very open
we were drenched
seriously kao kao drenched like we showered with clothes on
and when we reached kopitiam
it was closed! diu!
richard suddenly decided to pick me up at jayaone around 1am
went for mcd and slept over at his place last night
should have only come back tomorrow
damn dulan that there is no water supply
anyway, tonight's movies and supper with elayne
tomorrow maison with elayne and friends again
can't wait for friday for tingyi and cs's birthday
and the BIG gathering =)

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