Friday, October 17, 2008

since when maison check IC??
wtf.. nearly cannot enter.. diu.
just another one month away to being 18 only ma...
but maison last night was awesome
darn craziness
as usual, crowded
but not the saturday-nite kind of crowded lar
i had so much chivas that i nearly lost control
" i kissed a girl and i liked it.. " =)
start to wonder if i'm bisexual. lol
starting to get hooked on to cigarettes again. sigh.
i tried so hard to get over it
it comes back.
elayne was freaking drunk. sigh.
kills my mood when i see her that way.
pouring bucket of ice over herself and taking off her clothes
crying and talking crap. sigh.
louis drunk.
edward's pissed
carlson's frustrated
neo and the other 7guys all damn tipsy
left at 3.30am for mamak
i swear i will never drink on empty stomach again!
went back around 6am
i didnt really get any sleep at all
slept around 6.30am and louis woke me at 8 for breakfast
kaniena!!!! then went to class straight away
going to sunway redbox now.
tonight's the big gathering
i can't wait =)
and tomorrow barcelona with elayne and all again

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