Sunday, November 9, 2008

wow. has been a week.
and yeah, my hair is getting better =)
i have been hanging over at richard's place for a whole week
and will be hanging here until i decide to go back to ipoh for the long break
pretty much enjoyed his company
(though i'm always left to entertain myself while he's at work)
but anyways, he makes me happy =)
dont ask
who is he to me
or what are we
or is he special to me
or whatever

we make each other happy. end of story.

i can't be bothered to study
exam's on fri then i'm really free from exam blues
lol. as if i care

okay i care. i dont want to fail =.="
i'm already acting as if it's holiday already anyways =)
i'm itching to shop seriously.
thursday nite promised elayne to go maison
edward and carlson called and asked me to go to coco instead
you guessed wrong.
i resisted the temptation and
stayed home with richard watching dvds =)
he talked me out of it actually. but hey, i've got no regrets.
friday nite was clubbing with johnson and his pals at barcelona
bumped into a couple of uni mates
and yeah, edward.
sigh. he seems to be everywhere.
some people just dont give up dont they?? sigh.
was darn tipsy that nite
and johnson was getting his hands all over me =.='''

had to trouble baby richard to pick me up again.
sorry b. i know i'm such an ass when i'm drunk.

sat nite clubbin at coco with richard and max and all
dragged seeyee to come along =)
again, edward came with ryan.
elayne called in sick from work and came along.
bumped into a couple of regulars from barcelona
and also roger =)
as usual edward was smothering me
i really beh tahan him larh. grrrr...

ohyeah, and ryan was drunk
hitting on every sexy ass next to him =.=""
even tom's gf
tom saw ryan hugging his lady from across the table as he was talking to a buddy
walked straight up to her. looked at her.
asked her if she was drunk.
she timidly shooked her head.
then i was stunned that he slapped her right on the face.
lol. i felt bad for witnessing it.
did she deserve that??
why do bastards hit people they love?
sigh. they kept arguing and pulling long faces at each other when either party flirted
i seriously dont understand why guys would bring their gf (or vice versa) to clubs if they know they would want act like they had no strings attached
firstly, restricts your freedom
secondly, spoils you mood
thirdly, gives you trouble.
dont get me wrong. i have nothing against bf-gf thing
i just dont understand why people suffocate the ones they love

and i bet edward regrets going to coco last nite
and having to witness things he was hoping not to see between me and richard.
edward messaged me after i left. sounded something like this. nothing editted. darn funny.
Ed : " i am very unhappy tonite"
V : " oh really?? why?? "
Ed : " because you pretended not to notice me and ignored my messages while you were with him. i guess you really like him. and i guess i really like you already "
V : " lol. you're drunk. sleep early "
Ed : " no i'm serious. i love you and will you be my gf? I'll take care of you."
V : "i can take care of myself. you're drunk and thinking too much. sleep early. "
Ed : "no i'm not drunk and not thinking too much......
V : "goodnight."
*** a couple of hours later ***
Ed : "forget what i said just now "
*scratches head* huh??

it is funny how dumb some people are.
funny to see how people fall in love so easily and think that they can own whoever they want
funny to see how stupid people can be
funny to see their ego and pride shattered to the ground like it rubbish.
funny to see 'manly' guys act like jealous little bitches
yes i am mean. so?? fuck off if you dont like me.
left when the place closed at 3
assholes fighting like kids as usual.
sometimes i just want to walk up to them and tell them
"grow up assholes! "
was outside leaning against the wall with seeyee while waiting for the guys to come out
a couple of indian bastards came up (very close ) to me
and tried to flirt. bastards.
richard came out just in time
those bastards who were acting like big bullies
suddenly became little pussys
so afraid and fearful
quickly said sorry as he glared at them.
sent seeyee back to uni
and finally.

he allowed me to see what goes through his mind
it feels nice to know that he does care.
even the kisses and the way he holds me is different =)
*smiles and hugs him*
xoxoxo <3

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