Monday, November 10, 2008

i'm slacking when i'm supposed to be studying
could not sleep last night =(
no i wasnt out drinking. stayed home with him last night
curled up on the couch with him watching football
it's amazing seeing his face light up everytime his team wins
you cannot imagine how much he spends on his betting every single day
(at least he is earning more than he loses )
was awaken by his alarm this morning at the ungodly 9am
a light kiss on my forehead and i fell back into a deep sleep
i used to make it a point to get up from bed for while
and make him his coffee
light him his morning cigarette
talk to him for awhile as he irons his shirt for the day
and peck him on the cheek before he goes to work
then jump back into bed and continue sleeping till it was noon
sorry b. i'm so tired these days.
my phone's battery was dead so my alarm didnt ring
finally woke up around 3pm =)
showered and washed up
walked around the house thinking whether i should study
stared at legal method notes and law books laying on the floor
sighed. walked to the fridge and grabbed a bar of chocolate
called him and talked to him for awhile
plopped a dvd into the player
sink into the couch and turn on his laptop
sigh. being home alone is no fun. seriously.
am still sitting here facing the laptop and watching movies
waiting for him to get done with gym
come home all sweaty, pumped and sexay =)
and bathe and take me out to dinner
might go drinking with roger and the boys tonight
anyway, i saw roger's wedding pictures just now
hmm.. dunno what to say larh
it looked like soft porn to me
it was very beautiful indeed. very sexy.
but then again
wedding pictures are stuff you would want to show the world
why make it look that way?
i know i wouldnt want my WEDDING pictures that way loh
not that i'm not open minded about it
maybe i have different views when it comes to marriage
and it pisses me so fucking much when people who are married
try to cheat and say their not
just say you are and save all the trouble
if you dont intend to be committed to her
why marry her??
marriage should be based upon trust
dont understand why people would lock their spouses at home
or keep checking on them
piggymelon coming back from aussie tomorrow!!
i'm so excited
havent seen that girl for soooooo long
since early this year?
i miss her so much!!!
and of course my babe irene whose coming back next week =)
miss ya babe!!!
asked elayne to check with her pub
for prices and discounts she can get
if the price is right
might open about 4bottles of liquor for my 18th bday
anything more than that
must see whether anyone kind enough to sponsor a couple of bottles extra or not loh
anyway, beach themed party at babyface bar on thursday nite
sigh. i know my priorities.
final paper on 8.30 fri morning
have i studied?
nahh... nothing actually.
hope i can at least pass this paper
dont wanna waste another year repeating the stupid subject...
chiaox. he's back. =)

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