Tuesday, March 17, 2009

for you, my dearest

i miss waking up next to you and see you still asleep in your pink checker pants and white singlet with that mad shuffled hair. and having you greet me good morning when it's already way past noon. and having, in fact, sharing breakfast with you.

and going to shower with you, talking and splashing at each other. and the outdoor baths we had in the balcony while being clad only in our wet towels. applying lotion on each other's back and walking around in our wet towels. how can i ever forget? and going to the clinics every day or another for the lamest and stupidest reasons we could come out with. and pissing off lecturers every now and then.

it's nice having you to be late with me for classes, and having you to sleep in with me when we both are too lazy. having you to talk with whole night while having coffee and hupseng. squatting in front of the food cupboard thinking of what to eat. cooking together and eating together. and also the trips to the toilet to puke out everything we had for supper because we were too hungry to not eat in the first place and yet dont want to get fat for no reason. lol. and pissing off ah ma cause of our laziness.

and the trips to town, shopping and loitering around. fighting for the same pair of shoes. and shopping for lingerie together, picking up thongs for each other. and end up buying the same gorgeous bra. planning and writing down all the stuff we plan to tell our mums when we were up to naughty stuff. ying ru and the whole list of her, remember? lol. and the dumb lame jokes you always tell which never fail to make me laugh. i miss those.

and eyebrow plucking sessions in the middle of the night and painting our nails all day. and having you to wax my legs and my whole back. trashing other people while they were asleep and talking bout our lives, and the dumb men in our life whom we thought were 'The One'.

and standing in front of the mirror parading our clothes, competing to be the sexier one and comparing who showed more cleavage. and all the heads that turned and whistled when we were out together. obviously, things have changed now. *winks* it was really nice having you to share clothes with.

the bad times we shared. stupid arguments we had which we would forget about in awhile. the time where you had the sick thingy up in your ass and was moaning all over and i simply didnt know what to do. crying over the men in our lives. sitting in the rain, shivering and just being there. doing last minute assignments and staying up all night because we were procrastinate queens.

and the stupid dog and cat drama we got so stuck on that we completed all 20 episodes in two days, watching the dvd all day and night while popping koko krunch into our mouths. and the dumb video sessions we had. wasting time doing nothing, just slacking whole night through. and choreographing the dance steps till middle of the night, and i wish we could club again together someday, wear slutty clothes, flirt around and get drunk.

from the first day we met, till the time where we got close in the rain, then everything just ended. like that. occasional phone calls and smses and trips to the mall when you come back just cant compare to what we shared.

it's amazing how much blossomed through the one year, it's just too long for me to blog about. we both know all the crazy stuff we shared. and right now, with us miles apart, i'm never the first one you tell when you had stomachache like the old times, and you are not likely to be the first one i tell when i'm very happy or very upset. and you might not turn to me and tell you're bored like you used to. and i cant wish for you to accompany me to the toilet in the middle of the night and to share a bowl of tomyam maggi with at 3am.

i'm sorry i'm not there for you on this very day. things are way different although the memories are still so fresh. i wish i could be there to jump out on you with a mini siew bao with the candle at the stroke of midnight. but then, i hope you know that you never faded away even as we grow apart.

happy birthday my dearest evil twin.

sorry though, i dont have a better picture of us. you la, never send back to me since my memory card corrupted.


雨银 said...

thx 4 bringing bac all d memories..
n i miss ur alot..
miss d nights oso..
miss everythg..
cant wait 2 c whn we can meet each other again..muacks...
luv ya...

雨银 said...

n i'm sry 4 being rude last 9...
really sry...muacks...