Sunday, March 15, 2009

random update

i just suddenly thought of blogging. so dont mind my randomness and the bits and pieces which dont fit perfectly.

1. Weekend in Ipoh
went home for the weekends. and this time i really feel happy being home. soup was the main reason i went home for. and yeah, to see the plastic surgeon. i am healing very well >.< in fact i finally can start on occupational therapy and my scar treatments. what i didnt know was that scar treatment isnt as simple as applying medicine and those ointment to dissolve scars. the procedures will include the 'silicone pad' thingy, a bit of minor operation to tuck my scars and a bit of cosmetic procedures to make my scars disappear. anyway i still havent got to see the doctors and therapist. will need to go back again next weekend.
mum was like, " really need scar treatment meh? so ma farn. not like anyone will see also ma. ugly mai ugly lorr"
i went =.='' "... ... ...''

2. The steamboat place in East
oh, i went to this place in East called Skyy Corner or something like that. i quite like the ambience over there. very comfy, but that's not my point. the concept of the place is 'eat-all-you-can''. for rm 26.80, you get
a) unlimited steamboat stuff -- the usual seafood and vege and what nots
b) unlimited barbequed stuff
c) unlimited fries and some western food and those fried fried chinese 'liu'
d) and SUSHI -- they actually have a conveyor belt where you can just take sushi and eat as much as you want
e) japanese handrolls -- the kind where they wrap some rice, vege and salmon or eels or tuna or whatever it is in a cone-shaped seaweed.
f) unlimited drinks and ice cream
oh, and they have more than the usual tomyam and herbal soup for the steamboat base. they actually had like, japanese miso soup, korean kimchi soup, spicy beef soup, curry, and a lot more which i just cannot remember. >.< and yeah, i had the time of my life stuffing myself like mad. heh.

c) state of blur
i am still contemplating if i should use my previous number which was stolen or not. i actually have the new simcard with me, i just dont know if i really want to use it again. of course, why not since my ex is still paying my phone bills? but then again, i start to think that my old number is flooded with unwanted calls and weird people calling and buggers who bug me to no end. despite that, people who might need to contact me for whatever reason might not be able to get me. i find myself in a blur especially when it comes to wanting to go out or needing somebody to fetch me. i stare at my empty contact list and alas decide to stay in or just take a cab. lol. part of me says i need a new social network and get rid of the old circle, but i feel like i still miss those people in my circle. have not made up my mind. just hope to decide asap.

d) reminiscence and random stuff
talking to irene just now, i realised that i really miss D 4.5. the place where everythin started and ended. all in a year. and i miss her to bits. all the four. i close my eyes and wish our time there did not have to end. i'm doing well in this new environment. and yet i think nothing can ever compare to what we went through and what we shared in the isolated college in the middle of the kelapa sawit plantation, far away from the city where the only place to go in the small 'town' was the Gunung Ledang waterfalls. i misss those days. really.

argh. i really want to blog. stomachache's killing me. i think the water filter isnt clean. gtg. take care peeps. >.<

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