Tuesday, April 7, 2009

being random

am not emo. i'm just thinking i seriously need a hair makeover and touch up my ugly black roots which are freakin hideous. and a facial and eyebrow embroidery and a manicure =)
and i have been neglecting my msn and friendster the most, partly because my laptop is laggy. but i seriously think that they are too overcrowded and i dont see the point of logging into it anymore. maybe i'm just not so enthusiastic about being online, making online friends and all these virtual stuff, like i used to anymore. maybe it's time for new accounts.
i'ld rather spend time out instead of staring at my laptop pointlessly, just going out for a drive or for a bowl of yummy double boiled traditional soup at the or just anything at all. my laptop is online 24/7, but i'm just not interested anymore. i'ld rather watch tv or sleep or just doing nothing at all. maybe i'm growing up *winks*.
i passed by a photo shop today. reminds me that when i was young, i always told myself that i want to take studio pictures before i turn 18. i'm 18 now and i still havent taken the pictures. self obsessed you may say, but i simply think that i would want to remind myself when i'm old ugly and saggy of how i looked when i was 18. you only get to be 18 once.
oh, and about my puppy monster. he choked on his food yesterday, i seriously didnt know what to do and was scared to death. luckily he managed to cough the biscuit out within seconds. gawd. i think my heart stopped beating for a moment.

and can someone tell me what to do when dogs have hiccups?

i think the camera sound from my phone scared him the first time. so everytime i try to get a pic of him, he'll turn away and move away. sigh. it's so hard to take a nice pic of the lil baby.

doesnt he look perfectly healthy here? he vomitted yesterday, =( three times consecutively. i seriously didnt know what to do when he vomitted over and over again. but luckily he's alright now and as healthy and naughty as new. sometimes i seriously think he's overactive. lol
and in case you were wondering how dog puke looks like, =)

it looks a lot like his pee, except that it's very bubble-ly. and no, i didnt mistake his wee as vomit because i saw him vomit with my own eyes =(
i just want a healthy happy puppy =)

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