Monday, April 20, 2009

fuck you

i hate myself because i let my feelings take over me
i hate you because you are so disconnected
i hate myself for being in the position where i am vulnerable
i hate you because you make me feel this way
i'm sorry you thought i have no feelings like you, cause you were wrong. i am losing this game we played because i am starting to be too attached. i hate you. i hate myself. most of all, i hate what we have becomed.
i was wrong to think i was tough enough for this crazy game when i should have known i would be the one crying in the end. when i just thought everything was just starting, i was the stupid one. cause the game ended before i even realised it.
i played fair in this game where you cheated your way through and played me like a fool. but if you thought i was gonna cry and grief over my loss, you were wrong. you should be the one grieving over YOUR loss. i will and i swear i will make you feel sorry for the shit you do to me.

1 comment:

雨银 said...

wat's wrg??u stil hav me ok??
i'm owez v u..take k dear..
sayang ya....