Sunday, August 23, 2009

home alone

ah well.
i'm watching csi on tv while peeling longans, nibbling on raisins and having vodka with ribena, and occasionally replying messages on msn. sounds like a great night? well, not really. i'm all alone tonight. =(

probably my first time ever being alone for one whole night. i know. i'm paranoid. i'm almost 19, and i'm still afraid of being alone and sleeping alone =( i know it sounds silly, laugh all you want. but really.

tonight's gonna be my first night being alone the whole night, knowing that no one will be home. the few times i've been home alone was only for a couple of hours, and i knew somebody would be home soon, even if it is 12am or 5am, at least i knew that i wasnt gonna be alone for long. tonight however, i know i'm gonna be by myself all through the night. wish me luck. hopefully my mind wont start wandering and think unnecessarily and scare myself. yes, i have very good imaginations which most of the time, bring me to tears.

i have all the lights on. all as in the living room's lights, all the lights in the rooms and bathrooms and balcony and kitchen. i even intentionally opened all the room and bathroom doors. and the tv tuned to the max to block out sounds i would not want to hear. and i hope i fall asleep fast tonight and not wake up in the mid of the night. wish me luck. =(

okay fine. i'm TECHNICALLY not alone. puppy monster is around. i picked him up from the pet hotel just now and his fur was shaven due to the lumps and knots because i am too fuckin lazy to comb his fur everyday =.='' mummy loves toy toy damn fuckin much okay? and he really doesnt like to have his fur combed. cant blame me okayy?

no closeup pics of him. he looks uber fugly and sickly now =( and his fur really feels like carpet. heh. anyways, i still love him to bits. at least i'll not be sleeping alone tonight.

=) xoxo.

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