Wednesday, August 19, 2009

metrowill's 21st bday

admist everything which is happening in xiejiao regarding friendship and what nots, i think i'll just let it be and not think about it much. our friendship was something so simple, so pure and beautiful. just leave it that way, cant we?

instead of talking bout friends from college, perhaps i'll talk bout the latest event with uni friends.
dont mind me. i'm running out of ideas of what to blog about. the easiest way? pictures!

anyway, happy belated birthday again to darling will =)

we took forever walking along The Street of The Curve, to decide between TGI Fridays and Bubba Gump Shrimp. and in the end, chose to have really late and heavy dinner at ITALIANNIES.

and we took forever again to decide between going for a drink at Laundry or party at the overcrowded Sanctuary. and ended up going to SCARLET

oh. how can i forget? the african b***h who went around hooking her legs onto men (and women) in the compromising doggy position and telling em to dry hump her. urgh. tell me bout horny girls desperate for some hardness against them =.=''

candid pic of me laughing =.=''
take one.

take two =)

us, POSERS =)
take one,

take two,

take three,

take four,

take five,

(oh, and danny, he looks a lot like you in this pic above, doesnt he? )
take six,

cheers. xoxo.

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