Tuesday, September 8, 2009

monday blues?

today is one of the mondays which isnt as awful as the usual mondays
which are usually gloomy and tiring

thanks to excessive amounts of sugar early in the morning, i was hyped, excited and enthusiastic the whole day. weee...

woke up a quarter past 7, which is a little later than usual
(it's really amazing how much self discipline i have these days *pats self on the back*)
since its holiday for selangor state,
hence less cars and people travelling to work = NO TRAFFIC JAM
it only took me half an hour to drive to uni,
instead of being stuck in the usual jam for around one an half hours.
definitely reason number1 to smile =)

oh. and i really have to declare.
i'm no longer addicted to sleeping anymore.

i used to find it so hard to wake even when it's wayyyy past noon already
and still have naps which last for hours till i get hungry
and still sleep early despite sleeping for like 18 hours beforehand.

*pats self on back*
i guess i have found better things to do to utilise an kill time, instead of wasting it away sleeping

left uni at around 3 and headed to Cold Storage for some grocery shopping
and i somehow forgot my atm password and caused my card to now be blocked. ah well.

reached home around 6
played with puppy monster a bit
made cabbage soup with pork stew and anchovies =)
vacummed the floor and did house chores
He came home
watched tv
had dinner
and headed to midvalley at 10
arcade games
midnight movie


definitely quite a movie with an interesting though rather predictable storyline.

there were quite some suprising twists (though a bit far-fetched). IMHO, it's just

sick. gross. creepy. sick.

the beginning was saddening and made me cry at a lot of points. maybe it might not be sentimental to most people, but what Kate went through is close to my heart. *wipes tear away*

it's the kind of movie which makes people laugh, cry, scream, roll their eyes, have goosebumps. and keep exclaiming "ohmigod", "shit", "sick" and "wtf" over and over again. watch it. =) and please please please dont waste your time and money watching Imagine That. lousy as hell. seriously.

and while i'm typing this, he's watching another psychological thriller bout a distrubed kid on Astro 413. not for me though. am off to bed. it's past four already okay??

nite. cheers. xoxo.

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雨银 said...

really no more addicted to sleeping?/