Sunday, September 6, 2009

5th sept 09

sash and jim's party was... well. i really dont know what to say.
after much anticipation, it wasnt altogether awesome. it wasnt awful neither.

the venue was really really nice, a big exclusive high-end double story five rooms luxury penthouse with a gorgeous interior with jacuzzi pools and a bar, and a breathtaking view at the balcony overlooking the whole of klang

it was quite relaxing, wild and yet controlled. people respect the house rules, others and each other's preferences and limits.

as expected, since the host himself is an aussie man, most invitees were blondes, aussies and caucasians. quite some asian chinese, a few thais and a handful of african americans. people tend to stereotype malaysian chinese as a bunch of people who speak broken english. disappointing, but quite true to certain extend. this is why i really think english should be made the national language.

the crowd was rather disappointing though. especially the women urgh. what were those people thinking. seriously. coming for a party like this wearing blouse and jeans and not even bothered to put on some decent make up? i'm not ashamed of my own race, but sadly, most of those who came under-dressed were asians. i guess it's true that most asians are curious, but still very conservative, no? of course, there were a few really really sexy hot asian chicks, but ah well, caucasians, especially the blondes will always be the bombshells

there was this really really cute french man though =)

anyway, it was quite a night of meet-and-greet, dinner, socializing, drinking, dancing, jacuzzi, getting to know a new circle of like minded people. and of course, a bit of fun. cant elaborate much because it's a really low key secretive society where people dont and will not appreciate the publicity.

definitely worth missing the rave party for, though. cheers for now =)

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