Friday, September 11, 2009

pizza craving

hawaiian supreme~
craving satisfied =)

i am starting to get really really annoyed with idiots on motorbikes.
no offence, but it really get on my nerves when bikers act like idiots.
i got stuck in a massive jam for almost two hours today just because a lecturer decided to extend the class till 6pm, when the jam is at its max. and some idiot on the motorbike was impatient and decided to pass through in front of my car. the gap between my car and the car in front was very small because i dont want people cutting the queue or motorbikes passing between my car and the one in front. and the fuckin idiot still attempted to pass in front of my car. and great, he knocked onto my car and just pretended like nothing happened. fuck these idiots la seriously.

first, they hog the road by riding in the middle and not moving to the side, where they are supposed to be. secondly, they are such a nuisance. thirdly, they act like idiots just because they are riding bikes and whenever they knock into people, they will just conveniently tell you that they 'tarak duit' to pay compensation. idiots.

and a couple accused me of knocking into their parked car while i was parking my car the other day. urgh. i do drive like a taxi driver at times, ie: reckless. but it really doesnt mean just because my car has a few scratches here and there, i definitely am the one to blame if your new Harrier was knocked into. and just because i am young and i have my 'P' sticker, they automatically assume that i dont know how to drive properly.

hello, i reverse parked my car and i have side mirrors to tell me if i knocked you car okay? go ahead and lodged a police report if you're so sure it was me. fuckin idiots.

not gonna let idiots ruin my day though.
i'm quite happy these days =)
for the simplest reasons.

*skips and twirls* and giggles >.<

my proud salad =)

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