Sunday, September 13, 2009

saturday night out

weeee.. and i was at Centro last night with the usual people.

a club which i have not even heard of previously. =.=''

one of the very very few clubs in KL/ klang valley/ selangor which play Trance music. definitely a must-go for trance lovers.

do note though, that their drinks are really really overpriced =.='' RM 480 for a bottle of JD/ Chivas? madness weyy!!!

since we were there already, so yea...

The Macallan. a 12 year single malt whiskey.
definitely one of the high end smoothest finest whiskey i've ever had.
despite the amount i had, which usually drinking Hennessy, JD or Chivas would give me a headache and hangover, The Macallan was slow and steady. it gets to head slowly and gives a very pleasant high feeling without feeling drunk or going through nauseous phrases massive headaches.

weeeheee. notice mua lashes. hehe. they're real btw =)


headed to PGRM after to continue drinking, but didnt manage to go in. Drug enforcement officers outside all over the place in disguises already. Apparently according to the 'wind', police were coming to raid the place. and then it struck me, RAYA. ah well. you'll notice that the puasa month is the month where there will always be loads of raids and roadblocks and all the shit.
so we left and headed to the casino at almost 5am. and i won Rm70 in less than an hour playing slots =) definitely not a huge amount, considering that i was winning over Rm200 already and i was greedy to keep going. anyhow, better than losing. =) He won about Rm 600 in the noon weyy!!! sometimes i really do wonder how these small casinos survive. ah well.

am supposed to study for Family Law test on Tuesday. but i really cant bring myself to flip through the book, what more study. urgh.

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