Sunday, September 20, 2009

random week

popcorn midnight movie last sunday at One U =)

lousy steamed dumplings. nothing compared to the ones in Dragon-i.
monday night was spent at home scribbling little notes at the eleventh hour on my Family Law course outline (proforma) because apparently we were allowed to bring it in for the test. i spent like 4hours trying to squeeze a massive amount of notes and writing as small as possible on the course outline, before realising that it was a mad waste of time.
i gave up and went to sleep at 5am. oh, and in the end, it was actually an open-book test. =.=''

weehee.. ABC soup =)

and a greedy little toy toy who was drooling and salivating.
i'm becoming such a homey person. really.
i find myself spending more time doing house chores of vacumming and mopping the floor, doing laundry, cooking and cleaning, picking poop and tidying up, instead of sleeping or online-ing. and he says i'm becoming a clean freak =.=''
and saying no to drinking and nights out, just because he says no. i dont need reasons really. i only know that he doesnt want me out late night and wants me to be home with him. and that's all i need to know. *hugs*

thursday night with uni mates to Zouk Kl which was pretty disappointing. the third time i've been declined at the door for being underaged. urgh.
anyway, they decided to not go to Zouk since i couldnt get in. so we went to Quattro which was just down the street.

havent got the pics. nevertheless, we still had an awesome awesome night out =)
and somebody got sooooo drunk and said sooooo much nonsense =.="

was supposed to go to Pulau ketam with them in the noon for seafood but i overslept =.='' spent the evening that One U window shopping.


their signature dish wantan mee

and i went to Genting again on Friday night. =) we took like one and half hour thanks to the crawl at the highway. reached at almost midnight.

went and drink at Safari club with some friends.

Safari is becoming such a lousy place. filled with cheapskates and kids who crash the place since they dont impose cover charge anymore. and no one should ever open liquor bottle at Safari. we had a bottle of Chivas and they only gave a jug of Coke =.='' and subsequent jugs of Coke were charged at Rm 30 each. madness. i mean come on, a bottle of Chivas which costs almost Rm 350 and they wont even give at least two or three jugs of Coke/soda/ any mixer? urgh.

a super exhausted me in Old Town Genting having breakfast before heading down to KL
and i'm heading to Thailand tomorrow morning. have great holidays folks =)

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