Sunday, October 11, 2009

just so you know you're not welcomed here.

no need to publish a post on your blog
just to bombard me over something I wrote
this is my blog and i write whatever i want
for people who want to read and for people who care.
dont like? fuck off. no need for sarcasm.
and why are you still anouymously stalking my blog if you dont like what i write
dont need your approval, dont need unnecessary allegations or name-calling
i dont blog about your cheap ways, immature behaviour, and big talk
all your imaginary non existant bragging about
big businesses, awesome job, luxury condos, big cars, big vacations, big money, gorgeous chicks, perfect life and whatsoever

while you're still driving the same junk you did,
still stuck with the same job you hate,
still earning as little as you always did,
still as cheap and stingy as you have always been,
still as immature to think people believe the crap you shit about,
still living the shitty life which you obviously hate,
and ohyeah, still not getting laid.

silently wishing that chicks believe your bragging and lies
silently wishing you really had that 'perfect' life
and wishing you had MY life.
which is why you are so resentful over things i write about MY life,
which doesnt even concern YOU at all, in the first place.

so while you think to yourself as you're reading this,
"is she talking about me?"
when you clearly know it's you i'm talking about
and while you frantically try to structure a sacarstic comeback
all i have to say is.

fuck you. get a life.
urgh. you disgust me seriously.

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