Saturday, October 10, 2009

friday night at fridays

weeee... i absolutely lurrvvee weekends =) fyi, wednesday nights are considered the beginning of my weekends. heh. anyway, we went to The Curve again last night and decided to have Fridays.

bad. worse. worst.
horrbile choice. i miss the days where Fridays' serve great food and offer great service.
tasteless and diluted cranberry fizz
boneless wings.
the sauce was completely tasteless and the chicken was simply dry and inedible. urgh.
loaded potato skins with sour cream
which werent even loaded. fuckin stingy with their cheese and beef crumbs. totally not worth the money.
my all time fav salmon pasta (at least it used to be really really good)
from the picture itself you can see how dry it is. i asked them to add some sauce to it, and the second time around, although it was less dry, the salmon was overcooked already. urgh.

sizzling chicken with cheese and potatoes
lousy as hell. it was so goddamn dry it makes you wanna cry.
nothing compared to the dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp the other night which was superb. shall blog about that another time =)
anyway, went to Sanctuary for a drink but it was overcrowded.
so we went and check out the new 'in' place in Cineleisure, The Library
it was quite a place, a very laid back place where they have a great live band and the drinks are reasonable. the crowd are the older generation of working adults, not much of young adults but rather professionals in their 30s, but since it was packed,
we went over to Scarlet while waiting for some friends who ended up coming 2hours late. wtf.
check out their wall. it isnt quite clear from the pictures, but it's actually a whole wall lined with empty Belvedere Vodka bottles. and it's simply gorgeous =)

one of the hottest malay chicks, aside from the malay dancers at clubs and the ones in my faculty =)

empty i know. but by midnight. it was crowded. with idiotic shufflers and foreigners. no offence against other races, but it annoys me to no end when people act like hooligans. urgh.
miss the days where Scarlet was the 'in' place where the crowd were young working class adults.
now, it's filled with gangs of idiots and desperate people trying to get laid =.='' and did i mention, transvestites? urgh. T___T
miss the days, where they have good djs who mix good house and r&b music.
the dj now doesnt even know how to spin songs well and there is so fuckin flow in the songs they play. its like one min you get excited with a great R&B song, and just when u're about to get high and enjoy the song, they play some 70s retro music or Michael Jackson. wtf!
i guess them doing away with the cover charge is making the place 'cheap'. urgh.
anyway, my laptop is being so gay. shall end the post with ME =) cheers.


Anonymous said...

its de nite i remembered :P i noe tat am late not my fault ;p

Anonymous said...

fri nite is "my nite" la. tink so ez 2 cabut den go 1 end pic up den go other end? :p

-LuVeRGaL- said...

hah. tia and navin izit?? =)

Anonymous said...

y she so smart wan? -_-