Friday, October 9, 2009

random rantings on a random day

otw to CocoBanana last Fri night

i'm supposed to go for Family Law replacement classes today but the hangover from downing more than half a bottle of Skyy Vodka with blackcurrant at Barcelona last night is making me soooo lazy. The girls opened 4bottles and i paid my share. being such a sucker for money and i hate not getting my money's worth. While they were up on the bars dancing, all i did was sit down and drink and drink and drink till i couldnt take it anymore and drove home. the thing with vodka is that you simply will lose count of how much you drink cause the effect is sooooo slow, by the time i reached home, only did i feel the alcohol gushing up my head.

anyway, sorry for the absence for.. two weeks? i just have been to caught up with life and barely had any time to sit in front of my computer expect for the few minutes everyday to check and reply my mails.

caught up with what? been busy catching up with friends, meeting new friends and just a lot of entertaining. not myself, but rather other people. i feel the plight of PRs where they have to entertain cocky people who talk to no end and lame people who think they are funny when they clearly are not. at least they get paid. T__T

ah well. it's part and parcel of life i guess.

just some camwhore pics in case you people are wondering how i look like. =)
i'm drinking like no one's business again lately. acquantainces and friends keep telling me that i look older, much much older than i really am. dont know if it's a good thing or not.
i am quite happy lately. with a simple life. i just have emo moments, especially when i'm left alone where my thoughts run wild. being super sensitive which makes me easily hurt, doesnt help either. i'm fine though. i'm loved =)
oh, and with regards to my last post quoting "friends do not betray friends' trust". it's not about Him btw.
it's about a friend whom i felt connected to, someone i felt comfortable in telling my embarassing bits, someone whom i trusted to confide secrets in, someone whom i felt so close with that it broke my heart to know that he betrayed me. although part of me wants to believe him, the circumstances are just not on his side.
i try to tell myself it really doesnt matter cause i dont need friends like this, but the question 'why' still haunts me. we were good friends and there was no grudge between,
why would he do this to me? WHY?
on a random thought, generally, girls like other girls for three reasons:
1) females are simply hot and plain irresistable
2) they have lost trust in men
3) it's easier to connect emotionally with people of same sex
He gave me a fourth reason why girls who like girls
4) they have not tried men in the first place/ men they have tried are simply lousy
that was my initial reaction. but coming to think about it, it makes quite a lot of sense though, especially when it comes to the younger ones.
that is why bisexuality is definitely the best of both worlds combined =)
on a happier note, i finally have my hands on my Chanel No 5 perfume =))

made in france. all 150ml from france.
a friend who initially went to france for a 2week holiday and promised to get it for me, extended his stay to 3months and just got back a week ago. a long wait. but definitely worth the wait =)

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