Thursday, November 26, 2009


ever had

the feeling like you feel your heart sinks to the bottom, the way it does when u're on a roller coaster ride and it unexpectedly dives all the way down. only a thousand times worse.

the feeling where you are physically so numb that you cant even feel your limbs or hands or your feet, as if your nerves are disconnected.

the feeling where you cant even breathe properly as if you're suffocated in a small place with no oxygen supply

the feeling whereby something awful is going to happen and your heart pumps exceptionally fast. something like your sixth sense tingling with bad feeling.

the feeling where you get so nauseous and dizzy, as if on the verge of fainting. except that you are completely conscious.

the feeling where you want to cry so bad but somehow your tear glands are dysfunctional.

the feeling where you're completely broken and devastated and yet you just cant cry no more. where you try not to think about it anymore but your mind and body refuses to cooperate.

this is how heartsink feels. the way i feel it, whenever i just feel so numb from the emotions playing me and just cant cry anymore. its amazing how overwhelming/lack of emotions can affect you wellbeing.

no matter how numb you think you are. the pain still lingers. still stings.

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