Thursday, November 26, 2009

penang 18-20th nov

went straight to penang after my last exam on 18th nov.
non stop super heavy rain all the way from kl till penang. (from 3pm-5.30pm)

penang bridge where the rain finally stopped. got stuck in penang's horrible jam for an hour plus. finally got to tanjung bungah beach hotel at 6.30

the breathtaking view from the patio lookout of the hotel

the awesome patio lookout

the swimming pool. other than the fact that the water is freezing cold be it in the morning, noon or night, it was quite a well maintained pool. oh, and the awesome jacuzzi jet pumps =)

the view from the hotel entrance

the restaurant lounge by the beach

i would definitely recommend Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel. the facilities and the view and the concept is absolutely fabulous. i absolutely loved the patio and the private beach. other than the fact that the room furniture is a bit old, it is very clean (no smelly sheets or stinky carpet or sandy bathrooms) and well maintained. reasonably priced also!

had a swim in their pool before it got dark and headed to Gurney Drive for penang hawker food =) one warning though, their police are super efficient. the place is lacking of parking space and we thought it'll be okay to park by the road. came back with a summon on the windscreen. ah well.

deep fried chicken which was super good. the deep fried chicken skin was pretty disgusting though. hah.

the non stop queue for the chicken.

'o jian' which is oyster with egg. pretty disapointing cz there was too much starch rather than anything else.

his 'tung fun' =)

what's penang without their original asam laksa? =)

and rojak with super sticky sauce! yum yum...

all of that as dinner for both of us =) heh. so dont bother asking me why am growing fatter and fatter =.='''

by Gurney Drive. breathing in the smell of mud and dirty water =.=''

headed back to hotel and rested awhile before heading out to the beach with him at midnight for a 'moonlight' walk and made a wish under the stars.
DAY 2 19th NOV

9am of 19th nov. hotel breakfast by the beach =)
absolutely enjoyed the breeze

headed to Batu Ferringghi at 11am for some water sports

see the beach buggy behind him? we rode on one of those. its SUPER BUMPY. and by the time u get off the ride, u cant feel your legs or ass anymore. =.=''

parasailing!!!! the operator was really nice to give us a really big round =) he even lowered us so that our feet could touch the sea water =)

excited me. hah =)

yay!!! jet ski-ing =) worth every bit of money spent. despite the fact that i was VERY scared of falling off and drowning, i managed to climb to the front of the jet ski to manoeuvor it in the middle of the ocean. so much for fear of falling off and drowning. heh.
the seas were pretty wavy. and oh boy did we have a super bumpy ride thanks to him who has a thing for speed. i was screaming all the way with closed eyes and holding on to dear life as we were literally flying. everytime the machine is lifted off the surface, i was lifted off the machine. T_T

what's the beach without a good ol coconut =)

me in sundress =)
drove aimlessly in search of something to eat at 3pm whereby most hawker stalls or restaurant are closed.came across this along gurney drive.

i must say. the prawn mee is REAL GOOD =) i slurped up the soup base to the very last. heh >.<

headed back to the hotel to rest. water sports isnt just fun, its tiring. =.='' the weather was great as it was breezy and sunny at the same time. so we decided to go to the beach instead.

the lazy bum laying on the benches while the excited her answering to the calls of the sea and waves =)

my back =)

got tired and climbed back to the beach and lazed on the benches. i somehow miraculously fell asleep. =) i must say, the breeze from the sea was really really soothing. i slept for an hour plus weyy!

the view from my bench

him 'emerging' from the sea =)
woke up at exactly 5pm in hopes to catch the sunset.
sadly the three days we were there when the sun went down, but we never caught a glimpse of sunset. not because we werent looking, but because the skies were soooo cloudy. the sun was never in sight, thus, no sunset =( on a lighter note though, it didnt rain at all >.<
went back to the hotel room to get dressed for dinner.
whenever i go on holiday to places with beach and sea, i would definitely want a hotel with a beach front. a private one that is.
cant stand public beaches. the noisy crowd and dirty beach annoy me to no end. disgusting public toilets are simply a turn off. i definitely appreciate shower facility on the beach to wash off the sand before i step anywhere else.

headed for seafood dinner at this Fishing Village in Teluk Bahang which was around 20 mins away from our hotel.

'yau mak'

black pepper sotong. yum =)

super good prawns ala-thai curry

'lai you' crabs. my fav. =)
i must say. the seafood there was reallly realllly fresh and pretty reasonable too =)

me by the swimming pool with my birthday cake =)

it was nearly impossible to keep the candle flame lit long enough for me to blow them cz the breeze from the sea was really strong. after the gazillion-th time of re-lighting the candles, we got fed up and decided to do it in the room instead =)

as usual, went to the beach again for a walk and sat down talking to him while mosquitoes feast on our flesh =.='' oh. and i learned that the tide is high at night. i always thought that the tide is high early in the morning.
DAY 3 20th NOV
had complimentary hotel breakfast by the beach again =)

a quick swim in the freezing pool
oh, and we finally went and climb onto some rocks out in the sea. everytime we wanted to climb to there late evening or at night, the tide was high.

surrounded by the sea. =) slacked around the beach for awhile and went back to the room at 12pm to shower and check out.

one last picture at the patio before we left.
we came across a chocolate boutique too. if i'm not mistaken, its under Beryl's.

sadly they dont allow photography inside. i was attempting to take a picture of this CHILLY CHOCOLATE they had. it was quite nice i must say. initial taste of solid dark chocolate and a lingering super spicy chilly taste. they had varieties which i thought was WEIRD, like durian chocolate and all kinds of nonsense like that.
solid dark chocolates with a tinge of orange or liquor and a bit of nuts are still my all time fav =)

lousy food somewhere at Kimberly Street.

oh, and we even had time to visit the Khoo Kongsi and a temple nearby. heh.

gorgeous much? nahh. just a picture of a picture on one of the walls of the place at sunset.

and i miss penang already =)


yee suang said...

walao...swimming suit so sexy

-LuVeRGaL- said...

hah. sexy ur head ah. =) 115 yrs?

Anonymous said...

hey! post some pictures of HIM leh...
where are all the sweet couple pictures? lol...